Improving the State of Cell Isolation & Recovery with Andrew Breite from VitaCyte


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Today's guest, Andrew Breite, Director of Quality at VitaCyte, discusses VitaCyte's contributions to cell isolation and recovery. It's a field that few are as passionate about and dedicated to improving as much as Andrew and ViteCyte. 

Insights from the discussion

  • VitaCyte was started to better understand the mechanism by which enzymes work cooperatively to connective tissue and different cells for things like basic cell signaling research, preparing cells for sale, and even clinical therapies like islet transplantation. 
  • VitaCyte’s mission is to make reagents more suitable for and compatible for the cells of interest, and to move the overall field forward in terms of understanding how this process work.
  • VitaCyte is different than others because they have a fundamental drive to understand how these reagents work, and how they will ultimately contribute to the quality of the cells that are recovered for specific applications. 

Show Notes:

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