The return on investment of an electronic quality management system (eQMS)


Learn how electronic quality management systems pay for themselves.

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  • Understand the typical cost savings associated with an electronic quality management system ($, £, €)

  • Dive into the operational areas and processes where an eQMS can unlock dramatic time and cost savings compared to a manual QMS

  • Support your business case for an eQMS investment with realistic, case study-based figures

What you'll get:
  • Pie chart-bgReturn on investment breakdown
How much can a life science SME save by switching from a manual QMS to a digital eQMS? Find out in dollars, euros and sterling with our breakdown based on real customer use cases and case studies
  • Stopwatch-bgProcess efficiency summary
Access realistic ROI figures based on detailed business process comparisons, from document management to training and CAPAs
  • Star-bgKey stats
Learn about the 1-10-100 quality cost rule, the typical financial burden of a paper-based QMS, the findings of multiple international industry cost studies, and more