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Funding and Scaling your Med Device Startup with Jen Baird

  Getting funding and scaling a medical device business alone is challenging. But challenges don't deter ...

Improving the State of Cell Isolation & Recovery with Andrew Breite from VitaCyte

  Today's guest, Andrew Breite, Director of Quality at VitaCyte, discusses VitaCyte's contributions to cell ...

Using AI to Improve Healthcare Outcomes and Access with Sam Dribin

  Sam Dribin is the Chief Technology Officer for CureMetrix, an AI company focused on solutions that support ...
Medical Device

Expanding Med Device Distribution Internationally and in China

Andy Levien, President and CEO of ArcScan talks to Robert about expanding his medical device company ...

How to Maintain a Quality Culture during Explosive Growth

  Today’s guest is Kristinn Gylfason, Compliance Officer at Sidekick Health and a lawyer who specializes in ...

Launching the First Single-use Endoscope for Unsedated Pediatric Endoscopy with Dr. Heather Underwood, CEO of EvoEndo

  Today’s guest is Dr. Heather Underwood, CEO of EvoEndo. She talks about launching the first unsedated ...

Quality Management Fundamentals in Aerospace and Life Sciences

  Cables are everywhere, quite literally. Quality management for a cable testing company can be challenging, ...

Defining Quality: The Role, Responsibilities, and Industry

  Today we're excited to have Laura Araujo, Vice President of Quality at 4G Clinical share her insight into ...

Lessons from Building an Open Source Quality Community with Gill Berry

  Gillian Berry is a qualified clinical nurse specialist and founder of PerCen Technologies. She founded ...

CureMetrix Helps Radiologists Make Better, Faster Decisions With AI

It’s no secret the pandemic kept many people at home for the bulk of the last year. At the same time, businesses that weren’t deemed essential were ...

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