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Podcast sharing the inspiring stories of founders, investors, scientists, engineers, and pioneers in life sciences who are saving lives. New episodes released each week. 

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5 Startups to Watch

Want some innovation inspiration? Here are just 5 impressive startups to watch this year.

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Jeff Galvin

Curing Incurable Diseases with Jeff Galvin, CEO of American Gene Technologies


Ram May-Ron

How to Get Non-Dilutive Funding via Federal Agencies with Ram May-Ron from FreeMind Group

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Andreas Forsland

Awakening Millions with Brain-Controlled Interfaces with Andreas Forsland, CEO of Cognixion

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Kelly Stanton & Ezra Kelderman

How to Maintain and Improve Your Quality Management While Working Remotely

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Gene Vought

Quality Management Fundamentals in Aerospace and Life Sciences with Cirris Systems

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Joan Melendez

Improving Patient Safety at The Point of Care with Better UDI.

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Jen Baird

Funding and Scaling Your Med Device Startup with Jen Baird, CEO of Fifth Eye.

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Charleen Solomon

Inventing a simple solution to a $250B problem in healthcare. 

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Gill Berry

Lessons from Building an Open Source Quality Community.

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Sam Dribin

How AI is Revolutionizing Healthcare Products and Access

Nick Perrenoud

Nick Perrenoud

Unlock Funding with IP and Focusing Your Purpose. The inspiring story behind HAI Solutions.

Claire Bonaci

Claire Bonaci

Spearheading the Life Sciences Industry at Microsoft

Meow-Ludo Meow Meow

Meow-Ludo Meow Meow

Global Opportunities from Starting a MedDevice Company in a Pandemic.

*Special Episode* 1% for All Life

*Special Episode*1% for All Life

Giving back to those on the Frontlines of Healthcare with Robert Fenton and Mark Ryle

Dr. Hana Solomon, MD

Dr. Hana Solomon, MD

From Hippie to Med School to Entrepreneur

Cinde Dolphin

Cinde Dolphin

4x Cancer Survivor to CEO/Founder. Patient-led innovation works.

Ron Shigeta

Ron Shigeta

Insights from Biotech Pioneer and Investor

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