The Top 5 Cloud-Based Quality Management System Options for 2020

    There are a lot of quality management system options out there for medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies. A search on Capterra, a site that enables quality managers to assess and compare cloud-based quality management system software, currently delivers 207 results. Needless to say, in the time it would take you to evaluate that many options, you could have built your own enterprise quality management software (eQMS.)

    We believe that Qualio is one of the best eQMS options available. However, given all of the software out there, it's valuable to assess a few while seeking a solution. As an eQMS vendor, we know what to look for in a great software. There are a few choice vendors that we’d hand-pick to help you meet your quality goals and lead your market.

    5 Leading Cloud-Based Quality Management System Vendors for 2020

    It's important to compare a few eQMS options, as every company that requires a cloud-based quality management system is different, with varying expectations and needs. Qualio, for instance, would be an excellent choice for life science companies with 5-500+ employees. Our platform is custom-built to give that size organization what it needs now with room to grow. However, we would not be the best match for a Fortune 500 company which requires heavy customization.

    Overall, when you’re seeking an eQMS, you want a solution that will:

    • Help you achieve consistent product quality
    • Minimize your mistakes
    • Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction
    • Improve employee communication

    Here are our selections of vendors that fit the bill.

    Food Safety Plus

    Food Safety Plus, a cloud-based QMS software designed for food production, food manufacturing, quality management, as well as document management, is an ideal match for smaller organizations within the food and beverage industry. The platform starts at $12,500 and has an annual renewal fee of $5,000.

    “I would have never imagined that an SQF Level III Audit could be accomplished sitting in front of a computer with the auditor. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to simplify their job and reduce the stress of paperwork and binders.” - Lisa D., QA Manager

    Food Safety Plus clients include brands such as Anderson Dairy, Stay Fresh Foods, and Barsotti Family Juice Company. You can request a demo here.


    Trackwise is a QMS for midsize, large, and multinational companies, making it an excellent option for mature organizations looking to improve their quality management processes. Trackwise provides the flexibility to configure a custom deployment, though that flexibility can create challenges around implementation, software validation, maintenance, and support. Some larger companies can benefit from that trade-off.

    “The software is very easy to use for both auditors and clients. We were able to configure the system to do exactly what we needed without having to modify our processes to fit the database... Trackwise was totally configurable, so we didn't have to worry about changing our process while trying to train users to the new system.” - Carrie N., Manager in Quality Assurance

    To effectively evaluate Trackwise as a solution for your company, you can review their case studies and eBooks or sign-up for a demo.


    RizePoint offers a robust quality management system to a variety of industries, such as multi-location food services, franchise food establishments, restaurants, food retail, and manufacturers, as well as hospitality.

    “The platform provides for seamless integration and correlation of data from different data sources for effective compliance management. The platform offers various features and tools (CAM, Mobile Auditor) that provide deeper insights, analysis, and greater visibility into all aspects of compliance.” - Suman S., Sr. Consultant

    RizePoint works with clients such as Sears, The Hard Rock Hotel, IHOP, and Dennys. You can learn more about RizePoint or request a demo on their website.

    Mango HSEQ Compliance Software

    Mango HSEQ is an affordable compliance software starting at $250 a month. Mango is ideal for companies in construction, transportation and logic, and agriculture.

    “It allowed us to merge our multiple systems of H+S, Food Safety, and R+M under a common process stream. It has not required the complete business to be users to make it worth the value, the key stakeholders (users) involved makes it work.
    It has allowed us to remove the reliance of spreadsheets and personal outlook calendars to ensure critical tasks were completed. The development work by Mango to improve the experience shows the commitment of the team, and the fact they use their own software as a business tool is comforting.” - Lynton E., Risk Manager

    Companies such as Shred-X, Hally Labels, PlantCare, and National Ship Chandlers use Mango HSEQ to support their environmental, health & safety (EHS) management processes. You can learn more about their product in a variety of case studies, or request a demo.


    We’re a fit for smaller (5-500+ employees) life science organizations—medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, hospitals, food, and nutraceutical companies—looking to implement an eQMS to improve their quality management processes.

    We provide life science companies with a solution which can be implemented quickly, with simple validation, built-in best practices, no maintenance burden, and best-in-class support.

    “Taking advantage of advances in technology to improve SOP management, by developing and delivering online SOPs has meant we have a seamless notification directly by email to all our staff. SOPs can be easily updated and changed online, and appointed senior staff can contribute and negotiate on detail. Our staff found it to be novel and enjoy using it - and the facility to distribute a few at a time means it is manageable for all individuals. In short, it's great!” - Peter M., Managing Director

    Our software is a centralized, cloud-based system that will help your organization improve your processes and achieve goals of innovation, quality, and compliance.

    Our platform is designed specifically to:

    • Decrease the amount of time and resources needed to manage an eQMS platform
    • Minimize errors and securely store documents
    • Provide visibility into your quality management processes
    • Prevent issues that result in customer and regulatory audits, delayed product launches, and financial penalties

    The creation workflow is also very intuitive, which makes Qualio easy to set up and implement quickly.

    Take Your Top Picks for a Test Drive

    After you narrow down your QMS options, the next step is to take your top picks for a test drive. You want to ensure the platform you ultimately implement provides ease-of-use, helps your team collaborate, and seamlessly fits into your quality management processes. To consider Qualio, you can review our use cases or sign-up for a demo.