6 Essential Qualities of the Best eQMS Systems

    We've found that life sciences companies look for enterprise quality management software (eQMS) systems for one of several reasons. Either they've been through a failed implementation, haven't received enough support from their provider, or their current software is buggy. Sometimes, companies search for new solutions because an existing eQMS cannot scale with them as they grow.

    Regardless of the reason, selecting the best eQMS for your life sciences company is critical to your success. Whether you're a new company getting started and need an eQMS, scaling and need to be effective and leave your homegrown system, or are a more mature organization that wants efficiency and effectiveness, your eQMS will determine the effectiveness of your processes and products.

    While we have a bias for our eQMS, we know we're not the only great option on the market. In this post, we'll show you what to look for to find the best eQMS systems for your business.

    The Best eQMS Systems Have These Qualities in Common

    From the very beginning, your eQMS needs to be capable of supporting your systems and processes for compliant, high-quality products. While the needs for every life science company will differ slightly, there are a few consistent qualities that every eQMS must have to properly support your team.

    Here are a few things you’ll want to prioritize.

    An Intuitive Interface

    While the interface of your electronic quality management software may not seem as important as other features, it will ultimately dictate how effectively your team uses the platform. If using the platform on a day-to-day basis is difficult, it can disrupt your processes, and even result in compliance issues over time.

    You can compare and contrast interfaces by trying a few demos of whichever quality management platforms you’re taking into consideration.

    A Low Learning Curve

    Your eQMS must be intuitive, as the ease of use of the platform you choose will determine how quickly your team adapts to it. If your eQMS platform is dated or confusing, your organization may need a longer onboarding or training process. Your team will also struggle to communicate with each other effectively within the platform.

    Another consideration to make is the tech-savviness of your team. If your employees struggle with your current software, a more complex platform may impact how effectively and efficiently team members use it on a day-to-day basis.

    Over time, inefficiencies will add up and impact your profitability. You will also burn through your budget on an eQMS that isn’t adding enough value to your organization.

    Fast to Set Up

    An eQMS is a significant investment. The sooner you can gain value from the platform, the better. You want the ability to implement an eQMS quickly, migrate any projects, documents, and records over, and get your team up to speed. An eQMS that’s relatively easy to set up and maintain will provide improvements in quality, communication, and compliance much sooner.

    A platform that takes too long to set up is a sign of worse things to come. The longer the platform isn’t be used effectively, the longer it will take to see any real ROI on the software.

    Lean Software

    It shouldn’t require a super-computer to run your eQMS. However, if your eQMS is bloated on data, it will be difficult to use and run, and may impact its reliability. One of the most important roles your eQMS will have is providing critical documentation to the FDA, as well as ensuring the security of those records.

    Your eQMS should also improve the speed and accuracy of your team. Increased efficiency is one of the benefits of the best eQMS systems. A platform that is not capable of driving that efficiency will only hold your team back, making the process more complex and increasing the risk of non-compliance within your organization. 


    As you grow, your eQMS needs to grow as well. A scalable eQMS can store and secure large documents and files without disruption, giving you the opportunity to spread into new markets. You will need the ability to add users, contacts, records, and automation to fit your needs, at every growth stage.

    Reasonable Price Point

    The prices for a reliable eQMS will vary, but from the beginning, the cost must be reasonable. The benefit of a flexible, yet robust eQMS is increased profitability, and a manageable annual price tag is a part of that equation. If you assume that price equals quality, you may find yourself with an eQMS that isn’t the best fit for your organization.

    You will want to invest in something with a price point that's reasonable for your budget and provides all of the features necessary to support your processes and systems.

    Demo the Best eQMS Systems

    The eQMS system you select for your life science company can make or break your quality management processes. It can be the difference between a drastic improvement in product development, quality, and customer relationships, or a failure to comply with FDA regulations. As a result, the process of deciding between the best eQMS systems must be careful, intentional, and strategic.

    Before making any decisions, you’ll want to get a sense of how each platform will perform within your organization, with your team. You can start with a free demo of Qualio, which you can learn more about here