Millions of dollars in new revenue by removing a quality bottleneck

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Warehouse Anywhere is a third-party logistics company offering storage, distribution and fulfilment support for thousands of companies across the US.

Their diverse customer base, which includes major pharmaceutical and medical device operations, brings a complex web of quality and regulatory requirements with it.

The challenge

Warehouse Anywhere has an ISO 9001-based quality management system, but must also work to multiple niche requirements, from ISO 13485 and computerized system validation to FDA 21 CFR Parts 210, 211 and 820, to match their customers.

The company is fully remote, and operated a Microsoft Word-based QMS that couldn't support more rigorous life science quality demands such as cold chain pharmaceuticals.

As we began to target pharmaceutical and medical device customers and face supplier audits, it became clear our pre-existing QMS was not sufficient.

It was a huge limitation to our business.

— Caleb Walters, Director of Quality, Warehouse Anywhere

Requirements were documented, but deploying and controlling them among a nationwide, remotely distributed, 400-strong workforce with a generic Word system was impossible.

After a large contract was signed with a new customer with a series of rigorous quality and compliance demands, it became clear the company had to act.

The solution

In 2022, Warehouse Anywhere hired a series of consultants, followed by Caleb Walters as Director of Quality, to source and onboard a purpose-built and cloud-based electronic quality system that would remove the company's compliance bottleneck and open up the lucrative life science vertical market.

Qualio was selected as the optimal choice for 2 reasons:

1) Its superior flexibility and configurability could be tailored to match Warehouse Anywhere's diverse customer requirements - now and in the future

2) Its competitively priced SaaS model would allow the company to scale their eQMS long-term

The results

Caleb was used to multi-year roll-out projects with some of Qualio's enterprise competitors - so was pleasantly surprised when the Qualio roll-out wrapped up in about 10% of the expected time.

Qualio's intuitive, 'one-stop shop' functionality also paid dividends, allowing Caleb and his team to work on previously time-consuming tasks like document control and event management without ever leaving the system.

Caleb estimates a 'full workday' saved every single week.

Other eQMS platforms aren't very configurable.

We didn't want to buy something perfectly configured just for 21 CFR 820, for instance, then pivot in the future and be left with a useless system.

The configurability of Qualio was big.

— Caleb Walters, Director of Quality, Warehouse Anywhere

Most importantly, Qualio empowered Warehouse Anywhere with the ability to execute a flexible, remote and cloud-based quality system that unlocked the lucrative life science sector for the first time.

Caleb estimates 'millions of dollars' of vertical revenue unlocked with Qualio, thanks to the attraction of new customers like Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly & Co. and AbbVie.

Because of its complex and interacting supply chain elements, Caleb has rolled out training access to 50 internal staff as well as over 150 key suppliers - allowing quality requirements to be cascaded throughout Warehouse Anywhere's logistics web.

Caleb now plans to roll Qualio out across the entire business to embed continuous and proactive quality improvement.

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