How StayinFront stayed in front with their eQMS system

Who are StayinFront?
Fairfield, N.J.
Company size
101-500 employees

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StayinFront is a leading global provider of mobile cloud-based field force effectiveness and CRM software for life science organizations.

StayinFront arms its clients with timely, accurate field data and actionable insights, allowing mobile sales reps to grow life science and consumer good businesses quickly and effectively.

The challenge

From product design and testing to deployment and support, quality is a foundation of the StayinFront operation, and clients (including Mondelez, Kellogg's and P&G) demand consistent world-class quality standards.

On top of that, the StayinFront team witnessed a deep market shift for their life science customers triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic: development speed, allocation of resources and evolving go-to-market strategies all forced StayinFront to live up to their name and continuously adapt to maximize customer satisfaction.

With a global customer base and sites in 10 countries, it became evident that the StayinFront team needed an electronic quality system to help them embed and consistently execute seamless, high-quality operations with total visibility across the planet.

In particular, the team needed a mechanism to onboard and train a growing workforce around core compliance demands like information security and corrective actions.

Our life science clients have faced numerous challenges, including the inability to physically see healthcare physicians.

New technologies were required to address this challenge.

— Holly Rundle, Director of Compliance, StayinFront
The solution

After an extensive evaluation of the eQMS market, StayinFront scoped out Qualio and became customers in early 2021.

Rather than rolling out the system across their entire global operation at once, StayinFront opted for a cautious and phased approach, testing and collecting day-to-day feedback on their new eQMS before deciding whether to expand.

We selected Qualio based on functionality and ease of transition to the new platform.

We were initially unsure of the value of the tool in some divisions of our organization, and we needed time to adopt the product and get feedback from the stakeholders.

We now leverage Qualio across our entire organization.

— Holly Rundle, Director of Compliance, StayinFront
The results

After a rapid onboarding process and after seeing real operational value from Qualio, the StayinFront team decided to not only renew but expand their subscription and increase their Qualio user base to 375 active users.

Electronic training management within Qualio allows StayinFront to embed workforce training processes consistent across all global sites, in turn sharpening compliance, accelerating onboarding and helping build a culture centered around quality and continuous improvement.

We have improved on training and the related processes which allow for greater global consistency, compliance, faster onboarding, and improved corrective action training.

— Holly Rundle, Director of Compliance, StayinFront
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