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Revision Skincare products deliver benefits you can see for yourself, as part of a rejuvenating regimen or enhancements to in-office procedures.

Their commitment to clinical testing is modeled on the principles of pharmaceutical protocols, and their superior formulation philosophy delivers transformative results while promoting skin health.  

The challenge

Senior Quality Manager Savneet Cheema heads the Revision Skincare quality team, following product from conception to release while monitoring and responding to customer complaints.

Sister company and CDMO Goodier is the manufacturer, while Revision Skincare is the distributor.

As a quality person, you're always thinking processes, continuous improvement, how to streamline.

Papers get lost. Digital documents don't. Change control and standardized digital processes foster consistency and reduce errors.

— Savneet Cheema, Senior Quality Manager, Revision Skincare

Training on SOPs and legacy documents and the execution of product inspection processes was manual and demanded significant effort and time.

Document revisions were challenging to track and manage.

In the interest of continuously improving and optimizing processes, Savneet decided to adopt a digital quality approach.

The solution

Savneet had extensive experience of eQMS platforms, but had never built one from scratch before.

A previous eQMS platform inherited by Savneet was not user-friendly, and did not have good customer support.

She therefore needed an intuitive, easy-to-use system that could be scaled 'from the ground up' - preferably with user-friendly, high-touch support.

After a thorough examination, Qualio+ offered the perfect solution, with both software and white-glove quality support provided in tandem.

Revision Skincare became Qualio+ customers in 2023.

The results

Qualio + was a 'blessing' for Savneet, as the responsibility for leading and managing the eQMS project fell solely on her shoulders.

She worked closely with Qualio+ expert Molly Calvey to build out her new eQMS platform with industry-appropriate content and expertise - then roll it out in record time.

New document formats like product specifications were built from scratch within Qualio, adding a brand-new facet to Revision's quality management activity.

With Qualio rolled out, Savneet noticed an immediate drop in document and training admin time as Qualio workflows began to automate key tasks.

My team has quickly grasped creating templates and writing documents using the Qualio language.

Qualio allows processes and standards to be scaled as our organization grows, ensuring that quality is maintained even during expansion.

As someone dedicated to environmental causes, transitioning to a paperless approach has been a huge win for me.

— Savneet Cheema, Senior Quality Manager, Revision Skincare

Savneet has only uncovered the 'tip of the iceberg' with her team's Qualio usage, and now plans to use Qualio Analytics to unlock real-time trend analysis of both customer complaints and non-conformances.

Savneet predicts at least a 20% drop in product inspection time once Qualio Events is rolled out, and is excited to make her entire quality system fully paperless in the near future.

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