Qualio maintains momentum at the G2 Summer Awards 2022


    After a strong start to 2022 at the G2 Spring Awards, Qualio continues to maintain momentum as a rapidly-growing and highly-regarded eQMS software provider.

    Qualio placed first in G2's Momentum Grid yet again, as well as sweeping up a series of first-place awards across the Medical QMS and Quality Management (QMS) categories.


    Momentum Grid


    G2's Momentum ranking is calculated by combining customer satisfaction metrics with company growth figures for headcount, online presence and customer reviews.

    Qualio was ranked as the Momentum leader for both:

    • The general QMS software category, with a Momentum score of 78 and a customer Satisfaction score of 91 combining for a winning Momentum Grid figure of 83
    • The Medical QMS niche, with a Momentum score of 77 and a Satisfaction score of 93 combining for a winning figure of 83

    Momentum Grid G2 Summer 2022 Awards




    Other accolades


    Qualio is designed to be easy to set up and use, and to empower our customers with complete control and visibility of their quality and risk management.

    This drive was reflected yet again in our customer sentiment.

    We were ranked:


                                           MedicalQMS_Leader_Leader  MedicalQMS_Leader_Small-Business_Leader  MedicalQMS_Leader_Mid-Market_Leader

    As well as this, across the 'small business' and 'mid-market' QMS and medical QMS categories our customers ranked us first for:


    Hear from real Qualio customers


    We're grateful to every customer who left us a G2 review and helped us maintain our winning positions.

    Our customers are real quality professionals who overcame real challenges with our software: hear more from them in our YouTube case study channel!