What Are the 5 Best Document Management Systems [Review] for Life Sciences Companies?

    What are the best document management systems for life sciences companies? 

    For most growing startups and scale-ups, document management is a time-intensive and difficult process. However, the right system can help your organization streamline the entire document management process — bringing much-needed efficiency to your operations.

    Unfortunately, finding the right document management system for life science companies is easier said than done. There are hundreds of solutions available on the market. How do you know which one is right for your unique organization?

    In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best document management systems for life sciences companies. The top-ranked solutions on our list come highly recommended and reviewed by top medical device companies.

    Evaluating the 5 Best Document Management Systems for Life Sciences Companies

    Why is effective document management so important? 

    In simple terms, document management provides the guardrails that your organization needs to follow to unlock consistent product quality and compliance. A document management system is among the most critical tools for achieving compliance in highly regulated industries.

    In general, there are six primary benefits of a document management systems:

    1. Access control
    2. Improved compliance
    3. Improved transparency
    4. Increased collaboration
    5. Improved quality management
    6. Improved disaster recovery

    As we look at some of the best document management systems for life sciences companies, keep these benefits in mind.

    1. Pilgrim SmartSolve Document Management

    Pilgrim SmartSolve Document Management equips growing life sciences organizations with the tools and resources to proactively handle audits, deliver increased supplier control, and maintain compliance with major laws and regulations.

    Features and Benefits: 

    • Access flexible workflows and create, approve, and revise documents in accordance with standard operating procedures.
    • Access repository management capabilities and enforce standardized templates to organize documents and streamline approval processes.
    • Access powerful document management and training exercises to reinforce standard operating procedures and document management compliance.

    Customer Review:

    “The document management approval process has certainly increased productivity in regards to sign-offs of SOPs. I am excited with the prospect of implementing the remaining modules.” —Capterra Reviewer.

    2. MasterControl

    MasterControl’s document management system helps life sciences organizations achieve increased compliance and audit readiness. Hundreds of growing life sciences startups and scale-ups leverage MasterControl to automate core document management processes, improve collaboration among stakeholders, and more.

    Features and Benefits: 

    • Automated document management and control streamline the approval and retrieval of mission-critical documentation. Automatically track version history.
    • Store documents in a centralized repository. Advanced search and timestamp capabilities streamline document retrieval and review.
    • User access and remote access controls.

    Customer Review:

    “MasterControl provided the most flexibility, as we needed to implement a document management system and quality system in a variety of clinical and non-clinical healthcare departments.” —Capterra Reviewer

    3. QT9

    QT9 is a module-based QMS with advanced document control and management capabilities. QT9’s document control software makes it simple and easy to manage all documentation, and its modular format gives life sciences organizations the ability to control and customize the solution to fit their unique needs.

    Features and Benefits: 

    • Built-in tools like custom document numbering, electronic signatures, and auto-archiving to streamline and improve the document management process.
    • Access documents from any device or browser through cross-platform support.
    • Dynamic dashboards to quickly and easily personalize views.

    Customer Review:

    “The document control and change control modules are of a good standard, and also the facility of being able to add related documents (which are linked to live documents) is particularly useful.” —Capterra Reviewer

    4. Arena

    Arena’s QMS features a powerful cloud-based document management system for life sciences companies. The system is designed to help growing organizations improve document speed-to-access, security, compliance, and more.

    Features and Benefits: 

    • Track both in-process document versioning and released revisions of all documents to ensure key members can view and access all version types.
    • Eliminate information silos or duplication of records. The data integrity engine facilitates powerful global review and approval processes.
    • Cloud-based storage capabilities scale as the business grows.

    Customer Review:

    “We primarily utilize Arena for part and document management. The main feature of Arena that makes it an efficient tool is the ability to easily connect related parts. If a new part is generated, it is very easy to build out a BOM and attach relevant documentation.” —G2 Reviewer

    5. Qualio

    Qualio’s robust document management system for life sciences companies comes with all the features you’d expect from an industry-leading QMS provider. Our goal is to help you and your team master document management, including periodic review, document retirements, and audit readiness. Our document management capabilities serve as a powerful asset in the quest for increased quality and compliance.

    Features and Benefits: 

    • Create a standardized template library for all document types
    • Increase collaboration with key stakeholders
    • Orchestrate guided workflows for developing and review content

    Customer Reviews:

    “Qualio makes workflows easy to manage. I really like the built-in change control. I’ve worked with the large, overwhelming quality management systems and the change control process required many steps or was confusing. Qualio allows you to set your reviewers, approvers, and training.” —G2 Reviewer.

    “The system is easy to use and hard to do wrong. Better control of documentation. Easy when the requirements from FDA are automatically handled. Easy to make document updates and to send for review and approval.” —Capterra Reviewer.

    Automate and Organize Documents with Qualio Today

    Establishing a solid document management foundation is critically important for life sciences startups and scale-ups. There are many document management systems for life sciences companies on the market today, but Qualio continues to deliver the very best features.

    We offer an integrated document management system designed to eliminate information silos and provide a single source of truth for all internal stakeholders.

    Are you ready to switch from your paper-based document management system?

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