Reinventing eQMS document management (and more!) in our biggest product release yet


    We're kicking off 2024 in style - with our biggest product launch yet!

    In fact, our February 2024 product release makes some huge updates to the Events and Documents areas of Qualio.

    Our 2024 plans? Put ease of use and connectivity at the core of our software, using our roadmap to reinvent how quality professionals work and seamlessly connecting Qualio to even more of the vital touchpoints our customers interact with every day, from suppliers to colleagues and third-party systems.

    We're starting right now - and paying particular attention to document management.

    In previous product updates, we lifted our customers' document management to new levels with the eQMS market's only native document editor, then followed that up with new support for original file format uploads.

    These advancements acted as building blocks to usher in a flexible, hybrid approach to document management. This new approach dramatically simplifies our implementation process - while also empowering our customers with sharper visibility and even easier document management that empowers controlled, standardized processes across their organizations.

    Our latest release gives our customers newfound freedom to manage their documents without compromising on their quality, data integrity or compliance.

    Let's take a look!


    Table of Contents

    1. Documents
    2. Events
    3. Other updates
    4. Watch the webinar





    Before ⬅️


    No matter how intuitive and easy to use your eQMS is, it can be difficult to convince your colleagues to move away from the universal tried-and-tested document tools they've been using for years, like OneDrive and SharePoint.

    But keeping tabs on the compliance and integrity of these scattered external documents takes time and effort.

    Managing multiple simultaneous document changes could also be tricky for our busy customers - and we recognized that not all of our customers' documents require the same levels of edits and updates.


    Now ✅


    We've connected Qualio Documents to OneDrive in a brand-new integration that gives our customers unprecedented flexibility to handle their documents how they want to.

    Import OneDrive files into Qualio at the touch of a button, confident in the knowledge that if the source content is ever changed, your eQMS documents can be easily updated with a single click before going out for fully compliant review and approval.

    Your colleagues get to keep using their existing tools and familiar systems without compromising your quality and compliance.




    Plus, we've made it quick and easy to change the format of documents you upload into Qualio, giving you the ability to convert original uploads into new, fully templated and controlled Qualio documents linked to the originals.

    More static, less frequently edited documents can therefore be uploaded in their original formats or simply left in OneDrive!

    Our new bulk import also makes it even quicker to migrate into Qualio and start using it, slicing even more time from our award-winning implementation process. Upload up to 50 files at once, from OneDrive or your own device files, and add quality approvers for them in bulk.

    And we've also added a new change request feature, letting you kick off, check and manage multiple document change requests from a single area for the first time - sharpening your collaboration, communication and visibility of document updates.





    Before ⬅️


    The Events and Suppliers areas of Qualio were separate, forcing customers to manually check up on suppliers and kick off quality events associated with supplier performance.

    Plus, customers could only map relationships across Events and Documents into a single field, creating potential confusion whenever related items had similar IDs or naming structures.

    And event structures were largely document-based, limiting the flexibility of how quality data could be captured.


    Now ✅


    We've linked Suppliers to Events, opening a whole new avenue for our customers to track and optimize supplier performance.

    Build events and link them to your individual suppliers for close-out and detailed reporting, unlocking new visibility into your supplier landscape.



    We've also revamped how events themselves are built, letting you explicitly link events to any related events or documents in two separate fields - simplifying workflows and providing greater clarity on related items.

    Our new Events Escalations let you capture and visualize the connections between various quality events and their root causes, providing greater insight and ease of use.

    And forms can now be added as event steps as a substitute to document-based steps, maximizing input reliability and consistency while introducing seamless form response exporting!



    Other updates


    Before ⬅️


    Change control reports were a single list. As the list expanded, it could become tricky to pinpoint specific reports.

    In a similar way, finding individual system users could take time as more users were added to your Qualio platform.


    Now ✅


    We've added search, filter and export functionality to your change control reports, making it easy to find the information you need and export reports into PDFs, CSVs or Excel files.



    And admin users can now search for other users by their name or email address from the user list page - a great timesaver for our larger customers!


    Watch the webinar


    Hear more about this launch train, straight from our friendly product team, by watching the webinar recording!


    Watch here