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The 6 Best US Pharmaceutical Conferences to Attend in 2020

Bored. Behind-the-times. Unmotivated. Those are not words you want used to describe your team.

One of the best ways to make sure you get to and remain at the top of your product category is by staying up-to-date on critical industry trends. Attending pharmaceutical conferences can be a great way for your employees to hear the latest research, learn best practices, and make important industry contacts.

One first-time attendee to the Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress (PCC) conference reported, for example, reported that they immediately felt they were among friends, instead of strangers. “I appreciated the quality of the program, the professionalism, and friendliness of the contacts I made,” they wrote. “I will be back next year!”

That's the kind of reaction you want from your team after they attend a conference. Nevertheless, the costs of attending conferences, both direct and indirect--time away from the office--can be significant. You need to choose which conferences to attend very wisely to be sure the considerable investment is worth the cost.

Let's look at the best US pharmaceutical conferences to attend in 2020. Understanding the leading options can help you pick the best events to avoid stagnating and keep your talent informed and motivated.

The 6 Top US Pharmaceutical Conferences of 2020

As we look toward another busy year in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s clear that continuing education is critical for the success of pharma professionals. The top pharmaceutical conferences in 2020 offer unique opportunities for professionals to learn directly from industry experts, regulators, researchers, and peers.

Some of the best events this year offer a mixture of best practices, frameworks, training, networking, and countless other opportunities to learn. While it’s nearly impossible to highlight all of the opportunities available, we’ve curated a list of some top conferences to watch for.

1. Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress

April 29-May 1, 2020 | Washington DC

PCC 2020 is expected to be the largest professional pharmaceutical conference for compliance and legal professionals. Over 500 compliance pros are expected to attend this year to learn the latest in enforcement trends, acquire new best practices, and network with colleagues. The sessions and keynote content are divided into three broad tracks by area of interest:

  • Enforcement and Oversight
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Best Practices and Frameworks

Speakers include leaders from government, regulatory agencies, and some of the largest pharmaceutical organizations in the world. PCC 2020 is tailored to provide value and peer connection to individuals in Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), General Counsel, or other senior-level roles at life sciences organizations. Attendance costs range between $2799 t0 $3199 for standard registrations, depending on whether you’re from a life sciences company, a law firm, or a consultancy. Early-bird registration discounts are available.

Pharmaceutical compliance isn’t simple, which is why specialized professional events like PCC can offer a ton of value to quality management professionals and counsel.

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2. Interphex

April 28-30, 2020 | New York, NY

For over 41 years, Interphex has been among the best-known and most widely attended conferences for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Last year’s event drew over 10,000 attendees and 625 vendors, and it’s likely the 2020 event will have even bigger numbers. Interphex has a motto of “Earn It, Experience It, Procure It,” which they deliver through a combination of technical sessions, exhibits, demos, and networking events.

This year, the technical conference has a number of content tracks. Dedicated subject areas include:

  • Development
  • Compliance and Quality
  • Inspection and Distribution
  • Data and Information Management

For the first time ever, Interphex is also co-located and run jointly with ChemSpec. Industry insiders can purchase a registration for just $20 until several weeks prior to the show.

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3. International Conference on Medical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICMBPS)

Date and location TBD

The 634th International Conference on Medical, Biological, and Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICMBPS) was held June 27-28th, 2019 in Osaka, Japan. The ICMBPS is a conference organized by the International Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management (IASTEM), with a goal of creating a research-driven gathering between academics and industry professionals.

The ICMBPS provides an opportunity for researchers, professionals, and students to publish registered papers that are accepted at the conference. The Conference Proceedings are published by the World Research Library and submitted to Google Scholar for indexing. The date and location for the 2020 ICMPBS conference are likely to be announced in early 2020.

4. Bio/Pharmaceutical Product Launch Summit

Date and location TBD

The 5th annual conference on Product Commercialization & Launch Roadmap for Pharma/Biomed was held on October 28-29, 2019 at the Doubletree Suites in Boston, MA. Details for 2020 have not yet been announced, but the conference will likely be held in the 4th quarter of 2020 in the Eastern US.

Last year’s Bio/Pharmaceutical Product Launch Summit offered a mixture of keynotes and panel discussions between industry insiders. Attendees were also provided with access to “practical sessions,” or in-depth looks at launch spend optimization and other topics. This summit is targeted toward individuals who work in product management, product launch, marketing, distribution, and similar areas. Last year, pricing ranged from $1699 to $2099 for industry professionals, with discounted rates available for early-bird registrations.

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5. Pharma Forum 2020

March 8-11, 2020 | New York, NY

Self-described as the world’s “largest and most exceptional life sciences conference,” Pharma Forum is an annual summit for professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. The pharmaceutical conference is divided into interest-based tracks by professional role, including sessions and working groups focused on compliance, customer experience, and events management.

There are also over 15 hours of dedicated networking time and three topical think tank events at Pharma Forum. Noteworthy keynote speakers include leaders from the American Medical Association (AMA), Massachusetts General Hospital, Celgene, and Merck. Event planners anticipate between 2,000 and 5,000 attendees and 20-50 exhibitors.

6. PharmScience Research & Development

February 24-26, 2020 | Los Angeles, CA

The second annual conference on Pharmaceutical R&D is dedicated to creating an international forum for business professionals, academics, and other practitioners. The three-day conference provides “robust” discussions and research from the cutting edge of pharmaceutical sciences, including a deep dive into:

  • Drug discovery and development
  • Safety
  • Nanotechnology
  • Regulatory affairs

The PharmaScience speaker roster represents a mixture of individuals from both industry and academia. Business registration costs range from $999-1249, with significant discounts available to students and academic attendees.

Commit to Quality Professional Development

2020 is certain to bring a new array of industry pressures, best practices, and regulatory trends to the pharmaceutical industry. Creating a quality-driven culture of continuous improvement is the best way to succeed in uncertain waters.

Knowledge can empower quality leaders, researchers, and other members of the pharmaceutical workforce to prepare for new pressures and expectations. Registering to attend some of the best pharma conferences in 2020 can educate pharma teams on the latest best practices, quality technologies, and research. It’s time to start making your case for continuing education today.

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Published by Robert Fenton February 20, 2020