Top pharma conferences in 2024


    Bored. Behind the times. Unmotivated. Those are not words you want used to describe your team.

    One of the best ways to make sure you get to and remain at the top of your game is by staying up-to-date on critical industry trends like new pharmaceutical regulations. Attending pharmaceuticals conferences can be a great way for your employees to hear the latest research, learn best practices, and make important industry contacts.

    Nevertheless, the costs of attending pharma conferences can be significant - both in terms of entry cost and time redirected from day-to-day work. You need to choose your target conferences wisely to be sure your investment is worth it.

    Let's look at the best pharmaceutical conferences to attend in 2024. 


    Top pharmaceuticals conferences in 2024


    As we look toward another busy year in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s clear that continuing education is critical for the success of pharma professionals. The top pharmaceuticals conferences in 2024 offer unique opportunities for professionals to stay aware of best practice, dodge common compliance mistakes and learn directly from industry experts, regulators, researchers and peers.

    Some of the best events in the New Year offer a mixture of best practice frameworks, training, networking, and countless other opportunities to learn. Our broader, more general list of the best life science conferences to attend is also available, but pharmaceutical professionals will get the most benefit from industry-specific events tailored to their day-to-day challenges.

    Here's our list of the top pharmaceutical conferences to watch for.


    1. Beyond Compliance

    January 16-18 | Virtual


    The focus of Qualio's virtual Beyond Compliance event, co-produced with Qualistery, is simple.

    We're arming pharmaceutical and biotech organizations with the insights and expertise you need to move beyond bare-minimum cGMP compliance and embed optimized, continuously improving quality processes.

    Topics include:


    And more!

    Cost: Free!



    2. PDA Annual Meeting

    March 24-27 | Long Beach, CA


    The 2024 PDA Annual Meeting is the first on our list of pharmaceutical compliance conferences to keep an eye on.

    The Meeting kicks off with an awards evening for PDA's volunteers, before launching into 3 days of in-depth quality and compliance insights.

    Presentation topics include:

    • The future of pharmaceutical training
    • QRM and ICH Q9 best practice
    • Tackling manufacturing challenges
    • Digital auditing



    PDA members: $2,595 ($2,095 early bird)

    Non-members: $2,995 ($2,495 early bird)


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    3. LSX World Congress

    April 29-30 | London, UK


    The 10th-anniversary LSX World Congress is top on our list of pharmaceuticals conferences from a partnering, investment and strategic perspective.

    The Congress unites investors, R&D innovators and business leaders in a 2-day event with biotech, healthtech and medtech offshoots.

    Presentations tackle areas like scaling, commercialization, deal-making and long-term strategic market planning.


    Academic & research institutes: £1365 (£545 early bird)

    Professional/financial/contractual services: £3125 (£1695 early bird)

    Life science companies: £2905 (£1475 early bird)


    4. DIA 2024

    June 16-20 | San Diego, CA


    The next event on our list of top 2024 pharma conferences is also celebrating an anniversary! DIA's 2024 event will be the 60th anniversary celebration for the organization.

    Topics and abstracts are still being submitted as the agenda takes shape, but the all-week event typically offers a unique focus on the entire healthcare value chain from R&D to patient access.

    DIA 2024 will offer a wide blend of session formats, from 30-minute 'content hubs' to DIAmond panel sessions and innovation exhibitions.

    The conference's 13 'education tracks' cover key areas like pharmacovigilance, clinical trials, project management and regulatory CMC.


    DIA members:

    Academic/charitable/non-profit: $1065 early bird

    Governmental: $650 early bird

    Industry: $1490 early bird


    Academic/charitable/non-profit: $1345 early bird

    Governmental: $950 early bird

    Industry: $1940 early bird


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    5. PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference

    September 9-11 | Washington, D.C.


    We visited the Joint Regulatory Conference in 2023 and took tons of insights and lessons away.

    Every year, the PDA and FDA share this double conference in the heart of Washington, D.C. to offer attendees unique insights and predictions from the regulators themselves.

    Its agenda remains TBC, but past conferences have focused on recent regulatory updates, planned changes in the near future, and guidance on best practice and common regulatory weak spots and trends.

    For valuable insights into the evolving shape of the pharmaceutical industry and the expectations of regulators, the Joint Regulatory Conference comes top on our list of pharma conferences to watch.

    Cost: TBC



    6. LSX World Congress USA

    September 11-12 | Boston, MA


    If London's a little far for you to swing by the LSX World Congress, fear not. 4 months later, the event is transplanted across the Atlantic for North American delegates to attend.

    The focus of the London event - 1-2-1 partnering, fundraising, company showcasing, investment and strategy - is identical for the Boston event.

    Cost: TBC


    7. 2024 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo

    October 13-16 | Orlando, FL


    ISPE's annual expo is the place to be on our list of pharmaceutical compliance conferences if your area of interest is manufacturing, engineering and cutting-edge pharma systems.

    From AI to machine learning and model-informed drug development, the ISPE's focus is always beyond the horizon, and how the latest tools and platforms can unlock a brighter future for pharmaceutical production and quality.

    The Annual Meeting & Expo is perfect if your organization is passionate about best practice, digitization and automation. Keep an eye on the website for the coming agenda!

    Cost: TBC


    8. EviDynamics International Conference for AI in Real World Evidence and Data

    October 29-30 | Copenhagen, Denmark

    AI is making its presence felt everywhere since the phenomenal rise of ChatGPT. The life science industry is no different, and the launch of the EU AI Act in mid-2024 represents the world's first comprehensive AI regulatory framework coming into effect.

    Given the newfound significance of AI, an entire 2-day event dedicated to the topic is the perfect way to get to grips.

    EviDynamics' October conference in Copenhagen focuses specifically on exploring the issues and potential surrounding the use of AI for the collection and application of real-world evidence and data.

    Topics range from building AI-supported RWE studies to fostering 'digital empowerment' and accelerating the development of medicines. The conference agenda also pays close attention to networking opportunities and thought leadership in what is still a young, exciting and rapidly developing space.


    1-day tickets: €950 (€750 early bird)

    2-day tickets: €1350 (€950 early bird)



    Pharmaceuticals conferences for a more successful 2024


    2024 is certain to bring a new array of industry pressures, best practice and regulatory expectations for pharmaceutical companies. Creating a quality-driven culture of industry awareness is the best way to succeed in the New Year.

    First-hand conference knowledge can empower quality leaders, researchers and other members of the pharmaceutical workforce to prepare for new pressures and expectations. Registering to attend some of our best pharma conferences in 2024 is a great way to educate, prepare and upskill your teams. Do your research and prep now!