Lessons from Building an Open Source Quality Community with Gill Berry


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Gillian Berry is a qualified clinical nurse specialist and founder of PerCen Technologies. She founded PerCen Technologies in response to challenges she felt were not addressed in Healthcare. It’s aim is to use scientific knowledge and the latest technologies to compliment clinical evidence based practice. PerCen Technologies is supported by the first national Health Innovation Hub of Ireland. 

We love seeing healthcare innovation coming out of Ireland, so we had to talk to Gill.  ;) 

Gill shares her takeaways after co-founding one of the first open source efforts in response to the Covid19 pandemic, the Open Source ventilator project and the Open Source Volunteers Extended network. She managed over 1,000 STEM  professional volunteers, academic institutions, SME’s and Multi-National’s and facilitated 30 projects with a transfer of knowledge and skills. 

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we network, open source ideas, and collaborate together. Gillian’s story and lessons learned about the power of a network are certainly inspiring and applicable today.


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