Product and Software Development for MedTech Solutions with Piotr Zajac, CEO of Untitled Kingdom



    What does the future of med tech look like? Piotr Zajac of Untitled Kingdom is tackling just that with his team and company. As they say, equality starts with technology.  On today's episode, we chat with Piotr Zajac, CEO of Untitled Kingdom. His company is a known and collaborative partner specializing in software development and product development services.

    Professionally, Piotr is the President of the Entrepreneurs' Organization and the guardian of Untitled Kingdom's mission to positively impact users' health and lives. Privately, he's a music connoisseur who ​​just completed his term as President of the Wieniawa Community Band, a new father, a happy husband, and dog owner of a Polish greyhound named Argus.

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    [00:00:48] Kelly Stanton: today we're excited to talk to Peter, who is the CEO of Untitle Kingdom, a software and digital product development company founded in 2008, specializing in med tech and health tech projects.

    [00:01:01] Kelly Stanton: Professionally Peter is the president of entrepreneur's organization and the guardian of Untitled Kingdom's mission to positively impact user's health and lives. Privately, he's a music connoisseur who just completed his term as president of the Wieniawa Community Band, a new father, a happy husband, and a dog owner of a Polish Greyhound named Argus. And with that, let's bring him in. 

     [00:01:26] Kelly Stanton: Hi, Peter. Thanks for joining us today. 

    [00:01:30] Piotr Zajac: Hello Kelly, thanks for having me here in your show.

    [00:01:34] Kelly Stanton: Can you tell us a little bit about your background and the journey of how you got to where you are? 

    [00:01:39] Piotr Zajac: Uh, yeah, sure. So, my background is, pretty, unique because, I had been assisting to a member of parliament, during university. And I was dreaming about, becoming a prime minister of Poland, for, many, many years. But I have discovered that politics is not as nice as I thought so I've decided to choose a different path. But, the one thing that, politics, has taught me is that you need to have, values and you need to have vision and you need to believe in something.

    [00:02:14] Piotr Zajac: And, when we have met our first business partner from the med tech industry, that was in 2014, uh, I knew that this is, the very given point in our company. And I felt immediately that this is the way we should follow. This is the path we should we should choose to focus on med tech projects.

    [00:02:39] Kelly Stanton: That's awesome. So you're currently the CEO then of Untitled Kingdom. Tell us a little bit about more, about that organization. 

    [00:02:46] Piotr Zajac: so Untitled Kingdom works with, companies from a MedTech, field, the companies, who make medical devices and services. So let's imagine that, we have a partner who wants to, create, a device that, can help with some disease, they, approach us and we help them to translate their business vision and this, idea into real digital product by using product development and software development.

    [00:03:16] Kelly Stanton: That's exciting. So I see the software you create are also aligned with FDA HIPAA, ISO 1345 requirements. How does Untitled Kingdom make sure you're aligned and compliant with these standards, um, as you're building your products.

    [00:03:29] Piotr Zajac: So before I answer that question, let's. Let's imagine the world without, the medical certification. Let's imagine that, you're a person who has, used, a, badly designed, medical application and what kind of health issues it may host that, this application, will not, Show you a message that your heart rate is super, super high. And imagine that, you're a person who has used a better design, uh, note taking up.

    [00:03:58] Piotr Zajac: So the differences are super high and, uh, the stakes are a lot higher when you work on medical devices. So we need to be. Sure that,, we are aligned with medical certification. And every time when we start cooperation with our, business partner, we create a team that is dedicated to this project. We are trying to understand users' needs. We are trying to understand what our business partner wants to, uh, achieve ,what kind of problem they want to solve. And, um, It's like the health is the most important value we have in our life. So we need to be very careful that, we deliver what we promise to deliver.

    [00:04:43] Piotr Zajac: And, the medical certification is, is super important. And as I said, creating this software, you need to focus on the end user. You need to focus on quality and you need to make it as simple as possible to let people, uh, use this software and take benefits from it. 

    [00:05:02] Kelly Stanton: Well, in keeping it simple facilitates end user experience and use from home, right?

    [00:05:07] Kelly Stanton: So I was reading on your website that you're creating, um, these medical, innovative technologies that help prevent, diagnose, and cure from home. What does that mean? no doctor involved? I can just log in how's how's that work? 

    [00:05:24] Piotr Zajac: So, we believe that technology makes us equal and we believe that the technology Can narrow the gap, social, economic, classes.

    [00:05:34] Piotr Zajac: And, uh, it, no matter if you are in a small, uh, village and Minnesota, big city, like New York, you are in Poland, you're in Warso or in any other places in the world. By using technology, you can have an equal access to professionals, to doctors and you can use, different devices and remotely send let's say, Data from your, from your body, from your heart to, to the doctor and analyze it with this medical professional online, or let's imagine this beautiful vision that Elizabeth Holmes had before with Theranos. 

    [00:06:15] Piotr Zajac: It was a great vision of course, uh, badly executed. And, uh, I think it has destroyed, the medical industry, uh, for many, many years. And this is where super, scary, um, about investing in the medical devices. But let's imagine this, this vision to have this, device that can verify and test your blood from your home and sent, uh, results directly to, the medical staff and get your professional medical opinion right away. So we are few years later with the technology right now and the possibilities are. Huge. Like, they're really huge. And it doesn't mean that we don't want to have, uh, doctors. It means that we want them, but for more people to make them much more accessible.

    [00:07:07] Piotr Zajac: And that's the point of creating, med tech devices, IOT devices, and that's the point of technology makes us equal. 

    [00:07:15] Kelly Stanton: Yep. Well, and, and I think you've already kind of speaking to, you know, the future of, of digital healthcare, but that was my next question for you. You know, healthcare is making this massive shift towards digitization clearly you guys are, are involved in that, um, in that change, but in general, where do you see the future of that going.

    [00:07:34] Kelly Stanton: Yeah, that's a, that's a really good question. Uh, I would say I have two points here. The first one is, democratization and by democratization, I really mean democratization. So, uh, to narrow the gap, social economic classes, right? This is what I, said before. No matter where you are, you should have, an access to really, really good doctors you should have an access to, highly professional, medical staff. And the opportunity here is having results from, uh, monitor or any other devices, you can send it directly to any doctor all around the world and get his or her professional opinion. And, uh, that's the first trend. So this democratization and the second one is data standardization. So let's talk about the data. data is especially how data is the most important value we have and no one should, have an access to our personal health data without our agreement and consent.

    [00:08:39] Piotr Zajac: Especially now with, Roe V. Wade and, we have the big discussion about the security about privacy, about low, but let me make the very clear point here. I believe that no one should have an access to our health data without permission and our consent, but the future is that we have a lot of different health data from many different providers, uh, blast tests, uh, from one clinic, another clinic from, from one doctor, another doctor have all of PDFs. We have Apple health, we have Google health and data is somewhere, right. We have this, all of those information somewhere, but, uh, right now we, we need to think about standardization.

    [00:09:25] Piotr Zajac: We need to think about, uh, filtration. We need to think how to take all, all of those, results and give you the very simple answer or give you kind of the dashboard of their health. So of course there are products like fire, that's trying to make it much easier, but we need, Kind of the regulations on a global level or on a national level to make it much more simpler because we have a lot of devices around us and a lot of data, but it's still not standardized.

    [00:09:59] Piotr Zajac: And so the first one is democratization. And the second one is what we will do with our data and how we'll translate them into useful insights for us..

    [00:10:12] Kelly Stanton: So, what advice would you give someone wanting to learn more about the digital product space? 

    [00:10:19] Piotr Zajac: I would say that this person should, follow trends, should, read a lot of articles. This person should, of course use Twitter. You have find a lot of, information on Twitter, but. The medical conferences and talking to, to medical experts is the key. I believe here because without, deep understanding of, human body, without deep understanding of, the possibilities and, this kind of the legacy technology that we have in all clinics, you know, old hospitals, Cannot, uh, truly understand, the future of digital health, as a human beings, we have, the very basic understanding of, our body, even the very, very important and, health aspects like S we know only.

    [00:11:05] Piotr Zajac: Like we have only few, information about it as a male, uh, representatives, but we should know much more about it to understand human body. Right. So we should talk to medical specialists. We should read a lot, we should follow the newest trends and, uh, yeah, I would say that's it.

    [00:11:27] Kelly Stanton: Excellent. Excellent. Thank you. So switching gears then to, to you, um, tell us a little bit about, uh, your, your hobbies there, the president of a community band what's what is that? 

    [00:11:40] Piotr Zajac: The community band was, with 75 musicians. Uh, I was the president. I know the musician. I was a person, had been trying to, organize everything, find some money and set some, goals for musicians. And that was, Like quite an adventure for me, 10 years being a president of the concert band. But right now I have a 10 months old son and before Henry, the Untitled Kingdom was, the, one of the most important projects in my life.

    [00:12:12] Piotr Zajac: And we have this mission in Untitled Kingdom that we should focus only on projects that improve people's lives and can change even the smallest bit of reality around us. With Henry right now, my son, I really want to focus on projectsthat can help him to live in a, just a little bit better world. Uh, it's very difficult with global warming and all problems that we have right now, but he's a really good, um, uh, like having a son, this is a really good mission to work on projects.

    [00:12:45] Piotr Zajac: That can make life a little bit easier for him. So my hobbies is spending some time, spending time with my son, with my dog, long walks and focusing on, uh, how to improve and make UK Untitled Kingdom better. 

    [00:13:02] Kelly Stanton: That's that's excellent. Yeah. Having, having small people in your life does change your perspective yeah. On what's important to you at definitely. 

    [00:13:11] Kelly Stanton: Well, if you could go back and tell yourself something at the start of your career. What would that be? 

    [00:13:17] Piotr Zajac: Um, to be honest, nothing, I believe that, uh, I I'm in a place where I am in my life because of all of the mistakes I have made, because all of the questions, I didn't know how to answer because all of the people I have met and, uh, people who, have betrayed me or have helped me or, other events in my life that helped me to be here. So I would say that this journey and this experience I have is that the biggest value for me. And I don't want to change anything in my life, uh, because this is a lesson learned I have, and now I can benefit from it. 

    [00:14:05] Kelly Stanton: Absolutely. I love that answer. Where can people go to learn more follow along and connect with you

    [00:14:11] Piotr Zajac: um, so the first place is of course at LinkedIn. Uh, this is the social media that we used to to connect. The second one is our website, untitled kingdom.Com and, of course my email. So if you want to connect with me, you can use, uh, those platforms to, write me message to connect with me, to ask a question and I'm happy to, to help.

    [00:14:39] Kelly Stanton: Excellent. Thank you so much for your time today, Peter. It's been, uh, it's been an awesome conversation. I appreciate it. 

    [00:14:45] Piotr Zajac: Thank you very much