name_change_graphic-600x300We’ve got some big news. On November 6th ZenDoc will officially become Qualio. We’re changing our name to more accurately reflect our company vision. The past two years have been incredible and now it's time to double down on our efforts to become the simplest way for businesses to manage quality & compliance.

The first step on this path is a rebrand to reflect our new focus. The important thing to know for now is that when the switchover happens all links to ZenDoc will now take you to Qualio and everything will work just as it did before. That means you can expect the same great service as always, now under a new name.

This change coincides with the opening our first office in the United States. Now with locations in San Francisco, CA and Dublin, Ireland we can better serve our customers all over the world.

Best regards,

Robert & the team at Qualio

P.S. Have any questions about this change? Let us know in the comments!

-- Questions and Answers --

  • Do customers have to do anything as a result of this change?
Absolutely not. All links to ZenDoc will now take you to Qualio and everything will work just as it did before. That means you can expect the same great service as always, just now under a new name.
  • Does this mean the company has been sold or under new management?
There has been no change in the team or management. Our name has been changed to better reflect our long terms goals.
  • Will there be any downtime or service interruption?
There will be no downtime during the change.
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for the change?
No. Everything will automatically transfer to the new name.
  • Do I need to notify our users?
No. We will send out a notification to all users so that they are prepared for the change.
  • Will my bookmarks still work?
Yes. If you visit the old url you will automatically be redirected to the new address at
  • What happens to my data?
Nothing. Everything will be exactly was it was before.
  • Is pricing changing?
There is no change in pricing as a result of the change in name.
  • Do we need to revalidate the software?
No functionality is changed, only the name of the software and the address at which you access it. From Friday November 6th you will login to the software from (not If you visit you will be automatically taken to the new address 
  • How will I access the software
You can access the software by visiting our new website and selecting the sign in option, or else you can access the software directly at
  • Does this affect security?
No. Access to the software at is protected by SSL using the highest grade SHA-2 grade encryption, with additional organisational validation so that you can easily verify the corporate identity running the site.



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Published by Robert Fenton October 31, 2015
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