Qualio launches triple integration release


    Modern quality management requires something different from the past.

    Quality professionals now rely on an ever-growing range of digital tools and platforms to keep track of key metrics like product test data, employee training and customer satisfaction.

    And this brings its own challenge: hopping from system to system to get the data you need takes time and effort.

    We're turning Qualio into an integrated, connected single source of truth which automatically pulls and pushes this vital data for you - and this quarter, we have 3 exciting new integrations to show off.

    Let's take a look!




    1. Salesforce


    How does ISO define quality?

    "The totality... of a product or service that bear(s) on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs."


    The key word? 'Satisfy.'

    Are your customers satisfied? Ultimately, the entire effectiveness of your QMS depends on that question.

    But too often, your customer success and account management teams are too busy building relationships or fighting fires to keep the quality department in the loop.

    So without wading into Salesforce, the world's leading CRM, to look for feedback, complaints and improvement suggestions yourself you'll never really know.

    Our new Salesforce API integration puts an end to that.

    Customer events logged within Salesforce Case Manager can now be automatically pulled, in real time, straight into Qualio Events.

    Want to pull customer complaints and respond to them with dedicated CAPA action workflows in Qualio?

    Need to integrate Voice of Customer (VoC) into your quality planning by skimming improvement suggestions straight from your CRM?

    Or interested in compiling customer feedback within your quality system without trawling through Salesforce records yourself?

    Now you can. And custom trigger filters give you control of which Salesforce case types you integrate.

    A richer, more customer-centric approach to your quality management awaits.

    We've even been recognized as a Salesforce partner for our new integration work! 




    2. ComplianceWire


    We know some of our customers know and love ComplianceWire and its rich set of role-based life science e-training modules and catalogs.

    For these customers, training employees on QMS documents in Qualio and in ComplianceWire means duplicated work.

    We want to end that immediately.

    From now on, customers using our ComplianceWire API will see a training event automatically appear for relevant personnel in ComplianceWire as soon as a document with training requirements is uploaded into Qualio Documents.

    And if a new document requires retraining,  the process automatically repeats to keep your colleagues informed, compliant and up-to-date at all times.


    3. Xray



    Bringing a software as medical device (SaMD) product to market?

    Clear traceability of test cases and results is vital for a transparent, controlled and compliant submission pathway.

    Although Qualio already integrates with Jira, many Jira users opt for Xray as a dedicated add-on for their product testing needs. We've kept pace by building a fresh integration with Xray.

    Create a test case in Xray and link it to a requirement in Jira, and it will also appear in Qualio Design Controls with title, status and description data.

    Run a test in Xray and its result will pull through too, along with the date and responsible person.

    And any edits you make in Xray will reflect in real time within Qualio.

    The result?

    One dedicated, compliant source of truth for your product design and development, permanently in lockstep with your dedicated testing tools.


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    Join our Product Manager Richard Warren on May 31, 11:00-11:30 EDT/16:00-16:30 BST for a live webinar deep dive into our latest integrations and their powerful operational benefits.

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