A deep dive into our newest integrations

Data and workflow fragmentation is a frustrating and time-consuming issue for quality professionals. At Qualio, we’re working hard to let you bring your data together in a single source of truth more quickly and easily than ever before.

Join our webinar to learn more about our latest integrations:

  • CRM integration with Salesforce

Pull vital customer data like complaints straight into Qualio Events, then push them along bespoke action workflows to escalate, resolve and make your customers happier 

  • LMS integration with ComplianceWire

Push new and updated Qualio documents straight into ComplianceWire for training. Ditch duplicated training work and be confident in the constant compliance and competence of your workforce

  • Test management integration with Xray 

Run campaigns, align to product releases and collect test cases, bugs and requirements - then see them absorbed in real time into Qualio and linked to the Requirements tab of Design Controls. Unlock full traceability of your testing activity and generate related test plans in a single source of product truth.