7 Medical Device Conferences to Get You Ready for EU MDR

    Are you worried that some obscure clause in the new EU MDR standard will trip your company up? Is the push to meet the deadline stressing your team out?

    Attending medical device conferences that cover EU MDR can be a great way to give your team the confidence they need—and lower your anxiety level.

    Don’t let the EU MDR cause you and your team sleepless nights full of worry. The more you know about the regulations, the easier it will be to follow them.

    Remember, you're not alone.

    Many of your peers are talking about this same subject right now. You might just have to find the right medical device conference to connect with them and join in on those conversations.

    Prep for EU MDR at These 7 Medical Device Conferences

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    1. US EU MDR Implementation Conference

    • Date(s): July 2020
    • Location: Arlington, VA
    • Event Page

    About the Event

    The US EU MDR Implementation Conference focuses on several key topics. You’ll learn about the benefits of using a risk-based approach during the final implementation transition period and how to integrate EUDAMED into your workflows.

    All of the attendees are affiliated with a medical device company, and presentations are followed by 10–15 minutes of Q&A. Networking is a huge part of the event, and they encourage peers to gather and share ideas.

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    2. Critical Issues for Medical Devices in 2020

    • Date(s): January 30–31, 2020
    • Location: Embassy Suites in Boston, MA
    • Event Page

    About the Event

    This event will focus on FDA and EU regulations for medical devices.

    Attendees will learn what to expect for EU inspections and about the changes the FDA has made to some of their regulations involving cybersecurity, software, and jurisdiction.

    Domestic device manufacturers, design engineers, quality assurance managers, and even business or marketing executives can all benefit from this conference.

    3. MedTech Summit Dublin

    • Date(s): June 22–26, 2020
    • Location: Citywest Hotel, Dublin
    • Event Page

    About the Event

    Topics for this event include EU medical device regulation, post-market surveillance and vigilance, clinical evaluations and investigations, EU IVD regulation and strategy, EU medical device law, software, AI, medical device regulatory affairs in global markets, and much more.

    “Deadlines for compliance with the MDR are approaching fast, and the conference provided a very direct and open update and exchange of views on the challenges and problems. It also allowed for a drill down on specific aspects of the rules, with a good practical approach.” — Peter Bogaert from Convington & Burlip LLP

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    4. Medical Design & Manufacturing West Conference

    • Date(s): February 11–13, 2020
    • Location: Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA
    • Event Page

    About the Event

    This conference is perfect for R&D engineers, front-end product development engineers, regulatory and quality professionals, quality and process engineers, design engineers, and C-suite executives.

    “It’s one-stop shopping for anybody in the product development medical device industry.”— Linda Jenkins, QA Manager from Plastics Plus Technology

    Topics will include smart manufacturing, 3D printing, and risk management solutions, to name a few.

    5. Drug/Device and Device/Drug Combinations in the EU and US

    • Date(s): April 2–3, 2020
    • Location: Cavendish and Rembrandt Hotels in London
    • Event Page

    About the Event

    This conference is for development and regulatory personnel in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device industries.

    You’ll learn everything you need to know about European regulatory guidance, how the FDA regulates combination products, and how to stay informed on post-market surveillance.

    “Comprehensive overview of the drug/device and device/drug regulations in Europe and the US. Very clear and engaging presentations given by speakers with a massive experience on the field. Highly recommendable to anyone interested on this topic.” — Maria J Fernandez-Lozano, Senior Biologics Development Manager of Diamond BioPharm Limited

    6. FDA/Xavier MedCon Conference 2020

    • Date(s): May 5–8, 2020
    • Location: Cintas Center in Cincinnati, OH
    • Event Page

    About the Event

    The FDA/Xavier MedCon Conference is for medical device manufacturers and global regulators who want to learn how to protect their business, products, and patients.

    “There are always a lot of FDA people onhand to be really frank and open to have[ing] conversations.” — Kim Trautman, Executive VP of Medical Device International Services, NSF International

    The conference is scheduled to run for three days.

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    7. MedTech Conference

    • Date(s): October 5–7, 2020
    • Location: Toronto
    • Event Page

    About the Event

    The MedTech Conference in Toronto will feature world-class plenary speakers on a wide range of topics.

    “The MedTech Conference showcases the most promising new innovations and provides content and networking that encourages interactive discussion on the state of the industry and the MedTech innovation ecosystem while facilitating valuable business opportunities.”— Ashley Wittorf, Executive Director of AdvaMed Accel and Global Head, Investor Relations of AdvaMed

    EU MDR, cybersecurity, trade, inspections, M&A, AI, and precision medicine will all be discussed. More than 3,000 professionals attended the event last year in Boston.

    Get Ahead of EU MDR by Improving Your Medical Device Quality

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