Faster, streamlined quality processes powered by AI in Qualio


    As we advance into an era dominated by rapid technological innovation, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in various sectors continues to expand.

    In the realm of life science quality management, AI is poised to accelerate, streamline, support and simplify your critical processes - and Qualio's latest AI upgrade gives our customers that capability for the first time!

    Here's what's coming.


    Table of Contents

    1. Why we're adding AI capabilities to Qualio
    2. 3 ways to use AI in Qualio
    3. Responsible AI


    Why we're adding AI capabilities to Qualio


    We heard in our May launch blog post about the 3 guiding principles of Qualio's development roadmap: maximizing intuitiveness, connecting quality everywhere, and putting best-in-class content management at the heart of the platform.

    AI isn't just a gimmick or bandwagon to jump on. It helps us check off all 3 of those objectives.

    With our new AI functionality, our customers will benefit from consistent, high-quality QMS content delivered automatically. That means clearer communication, better engagement with quality, and - best of all - even more time saved for quality managers.





    3 ways to use AI in Qualio


    We're adding AI to three initial areas of Qualio to make your day-to-day work easier, quicker and more impactful.

    And we're only setting the stage here, with much more AI functionality planned in the future!


    1. Change summary generation


    In a regulated life science environment, every update to one of your documents also needs a change summary creating to record the description of the change, the reason for it, and its impact.

    Our new AI functionality accelerates this task for you, automatically analyzing document updates as you make them then generating a change summary in seconds.



    Your changes stay recorded and compliant, without the effort of documenting them yourself.

    Simply review, tweak if needed, and hit accept.


    2. Training assessment generation


    Want to generate a training assessment to ensure a critical document has been understood by your colleagues?

    Qualio's AI makes that automatic, too.

    When a document's ready, simply click the new AI banner in the training assessment tab and watch the system fire up a list of questions and answers based on the document content.



    Add them straight into your document, edit to taste, and launch!




    3. Editing documents


    QMS documents need to be authoritative, clear, and easily understood by the people in your business who need to use them.

    But good writing takes time and effort  - so the AI Assistant in our document editor is ready to help you hit that goal.

    Let's imagine an SOP in draft - or even one already published that you want to improve.

    Big block of impenetrable text in there?

    Just visit the magic wand AI Assistant icon and click 'Summarize' to get an instantly cleaner, more readable breakdown with automatically generated bullet points and sections. 

    Loose, imprecise language unsuitable for a formal quality document?

    Just click 'Improve Writing' to tighten things up.

    Dense, technical language only a quality expert could understand?

    Use the 'Simplify' AI feature to tone down the complexity and ensure everyone can digest it.

    Plus, you can even use the AI Assistant to convert process description paragraphs into step-by-step instructions, or make your language more authoritative to ensure procedures and processes are followed to the letter.




    End result? Clean, crisp, usable documents at the touch of a button.

    By automating unavoidable, routine quality tasks, Qualio's AI functionality allows you to focus more time and effort elsewhere.

    Document editing, documenting change requests, and writing training assessments now take seconds rather than minutes and hours.


    Responsible AI


    Because we're a quality management business, we've paid special attention to making sure our AI is controlled and compliant as well as helpful.

    Our AI capabilities are designed to support and enhance your quality processes, not to replace the critical human element. 

    You'll therefore always have the option to manually review, edit and sign off on what our AI offers to you (or to not use AI at all). A document draft, for instance, can never become live without a review by a human.

    Because Qualio's AI analyzes and reformulates only existing information - sharpening writing, explaining a document update, or creating a training assessment for a document - there's no opportunity for inaccurate or 'hallucinated' information to enter your quality system.

    Qualio's AI functionality will feed into our validation process and your validation pack tests as normal, to ensure you remain compliant.

    And, of course, the data and content used and generated by our AI never goes anywhere else and will never be used to train any AI models.

    We can't wait to launch. Watch this space for more updates!