Fresh features and time-saving shortcuts in our latest product release


    Our July Launch Train brought a range of enhancements and upgrades to our eQMS, and we're ready to roll them out to our customer base!

    We've strengthened our analytics functionality and sharpened our document management features - all to make your daily quality work easier and more impactful than ever.

    Let's explore what we're rolling out!


    Table of Contents

    1. Analytics
    2. Documents
    3. Watch the webinar





    Before ⬅️


    Qualio Analytics provided visual breakdowns of your document, training and event management activity, allowing you to explore key system metrics from these areas at a glance.

    Collecting, analyzing and reporting on supplier data for management reviews or audits still required manual effort.

    Plus, users couldn't filter data by event tags or document groups, or dive into training plan data, making it more difficult to interrogate and assess information in these areas.


    Now ✅


    We've added Qualio Suppliers into Analytics!

    Explore a visual display of your supply chain activity, allowing you to monitor supplier performance and pinpoint improvement targets at a glance.

    View supplier data by products, documents and individual users in pre-configured dashboards - then interrogate it to unlock insights and take smart action to continuously refine your third-party relationships. 

    Plus, gain greater insight into your document, training and event management trends with new event tag filters, document group filters and training plan analytics.


    Supplier analytics




    Before ⬅️


    Document attachments couldn't be quickly previewed from within the system, forcing users to download them from Qualio in order to view them.

    In a similar way, page breaks in Qualio documents couldn't be seen until the exported PDF was viewed.


    Now ✅


    Hover over document attachments to access a visual preview without downloading.

    And in the document editor, access new page break formatting functionality to see and control where breaks appear in your documents.

    No more downloading documents from Qualio to check up on them!


    Document attachment preview


    Page break



    Watch the webinar


    Learn more about our Analytics enhancements and document upgrades in our latest launch train webinar recording!


    Watch here