The top 8 pharmaceutical consulting firms you should consider for 2024


    Thinking of working with a pharmaceutical consulting firm in 2024?

    The right consultant team can slice your time to market, help you embed lasting GxP, and give you the tools you need for a confident journey to commercialization and beyond.

    We've assembled a list of the top 8 you should consider, and given them our Top Pharmaceutical Consultant 2024 badge to prove their mettle.




    Table of Contents

    1. The top 8 pharma consulting firms in 2024

      1. PDC Pharma Strategy
      2. MWA Consulting
      3. QES Medical
      4. Windshire Consulting
      5. Apotech
      6. Black Diamond
      7. Mivado GlobalPerformance
      8. ProPharma
    2. Take your pharma business to the next step



    The top 8 pharmaceutical consulting firms in 2024



    1. PDC Pharma Strategy


    PDC Pharma Strategy, as the name suggests, specialize in charting a risk-based, end-to-end strategy for drug marketization and beyond.

    Founder and CEO Penelope Przekop has a degree in Quality Systems Engineering, has held leadership roles at Covance, Novartis, Wyeth, and Johnson & Johnson, and has authored two books: Six Sigma For Business Excellence and 5-Star Career: Define & Build Yours Using the Science of Quality Management.

    The PDC team can help you build a sensible, long-term pathway encompassing:

    • Drug development
    • Global regulatory standard compliance
    • GxP
    • Pharmacovigilance and post-approval
    • Supply chain control


    And more.


    Watch Penelope as the guest speaker on a Qualio webinar:

    "Building compliance with an eQMS"


    2. MWA Consulting


    MWA are established life science consulting experts, with team members in the US, Canada, India, South America and Europe.

    Their central mission is to help clients embed GxP with targeted, expert support in key areas like:

    • Data integrity
    • Auditing
    • Clinical trial protocol and IB review
    • Good Clinical Practice, Good Laboratory Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice
    • Analytics and assurance
    • Microbiology
    • Manufacturing oversight


    Get in touch with them today for a safe pair of hands backed by a wide range of industry knowledge.


    3. QES Medical


    The QES Medical team primarily works with medical device organizations, but their pharmaceutical client base is testament to their wide-ranging knowledge and experience.

    The QES team offer targeted expert services around risk management, QMS construction, compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 210/211, FDA compliance remediation, QMS audits and adoption of electronic quality management tools, among other quality and regulatory services. 


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    4. Windshire Consulting


    The Windshire team is based in Cambridge, MA, a fitting location to showcase their life science chops.

    They offer all the typical expertise you'd expect from a pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical consultancy, but pair it, rather uniquely, with a suite of complementary products and solutions.

    The Trainingshire program offers a mixture of on-site or virtual training webinars to get your teams up to scratch on cGMP.

    Their Stabilityshire offering goes deep on your intermediates, APIs, substances and finished products.

    And their audit-ready compliant cloud (ARCC) platform, meanwhile, can host a range of software tools, from continued process verification (CPV) software to electronic quality management systems and eCTD platforms.

    Get in touch with Windshire if you're keen to pair expert knowledge with best-practice tools and systems.


    5. Apotech


    Apotech boasts a large team of engineering, quality and regulatory experts, including IRCA-trained auditors.

    As a so-called contract service organization (CSO), Apotech positions itself as an outsourced partner supporting the end-to-end pharma development process.

    With twin offices in London and Paris, Apotech specializes in helping pharma and biotech operations embed repeatable, risk-based quality assurance processes that work for the long haul.

    From quality management consultancy in areas like CAPAs and pharmacovigilance, to EU GMP guidance and GCP auditing, Apotech is a safe bet for any pharma and biotech company needing an expert touch.


    6. Black Diamond


    Black Diamond's President Dave Schoneker made our list of the top 10 consultants you should work with in 2024, and for good reason.

    With decades of experience, Dave's operation specializes in global excipient and food/color additive issues for pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and food clients, and is particularly useful for companies looking to expand into the Chinese market for the first time.

    Contact Black Diamond for support with:

    • GMP compliance and auditing
    • Quality/regulatory advice and training
    • Quality by design (QbD)
    • Supplier qualification

    And more.


    7. Mivado GlobalPerformance


    Need some expertise north of the border?

    Quebec-based Mivado GlobalPerformance is an excellent choice.

    Their team of experts focus entirely on pharmaceutical clients, providing unbeatable expertise across the full gamut of the modern pharma operation - from cleanrooms to contamination control and Lean Six Sigma techniques.

    They can also get under the hood of your data integrity, project management, process design, and even your validation set-up with targeted audits.

    Plus, they run a great blog and an excellent series of classes and workshops to turn you and your colleagues into masters of the field.


    8. ProPharma


    The final entry on our list of the top pharmaceutical consulting firms is the self-proclaimed 'world's largest research consulting organization (RCO)', ProPharma.

    The company ranked in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing American companies last year, and has plenty of momentum in 2024.

    Their 'RCO' approach hinges on careful but flexible strategic planning of the pharma lifecycle, underpinned by targeted insights and subject matter expert consultancy in key areas like GxP, clinical research, biostatistics, pharmacovigilance and more.

    Their clients span fields from oncology to cell and gene therapy and infectious disease treatment.

    The RCO model is a fairly new one, but has got off to a flying start. To work with a rapidly-growing innovator breaking away from 'cookie-cutter' CRO methodologies, look no further than ProPharma.



    Take your pharma business to the next step


    The right pharmaceutical consulting firm will help your organization strengthen its operation and drive a confident roadmap for long-term success.

    Don't rush your pharmaceutical consultant scoping: focus on case studies, peer feedback, and careful examination of potential offerings and cultural fit.