Qualio smashes customer review records at G2 Winter 2023 Awards


    We're ending the year in style!

    G2 unveiled its Winter 2023 Awards in December and we've won our most awards ever, scooping 24 and placing first in a whopping 15 separate categories.

    Let's take a look!



    Making our customers happy


    What is it you look for in an eQMS?

    Easy use?

    High internal adoption?

    A vendor who commits to a supportive long-term relationship?

    Just, simply, a system that does what you need it to?

    Qualio was ranked the best eQMS vendor for all of these review categories, and more:



              MedicalQMS_MostImplementable_Mid-Market_TotalMedicalQMS_HighestUserAdoption_Mid-Market_AdoptionMedicalQMS_BestRelationship_Mid-Market_TotalMedicalQMS_BestMeetsRequirements_Mid-Market_MeetsRequirements  MedicalQMS_BestSupport_Mid-Market_QualityOfSupport


                                           MedicalQMS_Leader_Leader  MedicalQMS_Leader_Mid-Market_Leader  QualityManagement(QMS)_Leader_Small-Business_Leader



    Crossing the pond


    Our CEO Rob Fenton moved from his native Ireland to the USA to scale Qualio. 

    Now we've returned to Europe, winning our first ever European award thanks to the kind words of our growing customer base across the Atlantic!




    A huge thank you to our customers in the UK, Spain, Norway and more.


    Continuing to lead the eQMS pack


    G2's Momentum ranking combines customer satisfaction metrics with company growth figures.

    We continue to lead the eQMS software pack by placing first in the Momentum Grid for both the general and medical quality management markets:


    General quality management software
    A Momentum score of 81 and a customer satisfaction score of 95 combined for a winning figure of 86

    Medical quality management software
    A Momentum score of 78 and a satisfaction score of 96 combined for a winning figure of 84







    Real customer feedback


    We were thrilled to see more glowing reviews of our software from customers.

    Here are a few recent soundbites!



    "There's nothing there to confuse you.

    Everything works as intended and I have no qualms."

    - Biotech user, 11/30/22



    "Qualio has made the transition from paper to digital automation of processes a breeze."

    - Life science research user, 11/28/22



    "Qualio is the easiest to implement and use affordable turnkey eQMS solution, for start-ups through to well-established companies."

    - CCO of life science SME, 11/21/22


    Hear from more real Qualio users in our YouTube case study channel