Preparing for and Passing an Audit — Expert Panel

For quality teams in life science organizations, implementing the best ways to prepare for and pass internal and external audits can be challenging. Getting everything prepared for an audit is a necessary, yet daunting task. While there is no one way to approach an audit, our experts help answer common questions about audits to help you feel more confident.

View this webinar recording and hear from leading Quality experts at Qualio and MWA Consulting to gain an understanding of the best ways to approach and pass an audit.

While we are using Qualio eQMS as our platform, the principles and strategies can be used regardless of your chosen QMS (Quality Management System). Two of the panelists recently led Qualio through an ISO 9001 certification with zero errors. They discuss what to do before, during and after an audit, including important topics such as:

  • How to operationalize addressing findings with your team internally
  • What level of access to give auditors as well as how to answer their questions
  • What does the rest of the organization (outside the quality team) need to know or do in advance of the audit
  • Many more pro tips