Building compliance with an electronic quality management system (eQMS)

Watch this webinar to:


  • Understand the dramatic value and efficiency boosts that timely eQMS implementation unlocks

  • Gain clarity on the myths and realities surrounding quality management systems and their role in drug/device development and commercialization strategies

  • Avoid unexpected compliance penalties and financial costs by making fully informed risk/benefit decisions - starting today!


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What you'll get

  1. Actionable strategy
    Hear compliance experts Penelope Przekop and Kelly Stanton explain how to build a digital quality foundation that can withstand the twists, turns and ever-evolving regulatory expectations of modern life science

  2. Risk reduction
    Understand how and why ditching paper and spreadsheets is an invaluable risk insulation tool for your business

  3. Myth busting
    Dodge common mistakes and misunderstanding and chart a logical, quality-centric pathway of continuous improvement with electronic quality management at the center




Building compliance with an eQMS webinar snippet