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How long does your recruitment process typically take?

It depends on how far you make it in our process. If we determine early that you are not the candidate we’re looking for, we’ll aim to let you know within 1 week of submitting your application. It generally takes 2-3 weeks for candidates that make it all the way through our process.

2-3 weeks? Why does it take so long?

There are a couple of reasons. We have several steps in our process and for some roles, they require independent work from the candidate and the review of that work by our team. While this adds time to the process it helps to simulate elements of both the independent and collaborative work our team regularly performs. It is designed to ensure we get the right fit for the position and exposes the candidate to some elements of how we work. Regardless of the time it takes, our internal commitment is to respond as quickly as possible to each candidate that applies.

What steps are involved in the recruitment process?

We’ve summarized our process below. At each stage, we review the candidate's submissions and interactions to determine if it makes sense to invite the candidate to move to the next stage in our process.


The three core interview stages:

  1. Screening interview
    30-minute call to learn more about what made you interested in Qualio, your career goals, strengths, areas of focus and performance in previous roles. We will also try and answer your questions to help you decide if this is the right opportunity for you before moving forward in our process.
  2. Hiring Manager interview
    60-minute interview walking us chronologically through your background and professional experience to date.
  3. Focused interview(s)
    30-45 minute interview that acts as an opportunity to meet with other people on the team and focus on the core outcomes/competencies needed to excel in the role.
  4. Reference Form(s)
    This will vary between roles. It presents an opportunity to experience what it would be like to work together. Examples range from technical development for an engineering role or running a mock demo for people joining our sales team. A working exercise may not be required for certain roles.
  5. Screening interview
    We send out a reference check form for your references to fill out which is to be completed at the offer stage with people chosen based on the previous interviews to verify skill match and cultural fit.

Other steps: Depending on the role type and seniority, other steps may be added throughout the process. Examples include deeper dive technical interviews for engineers, and interviews with the Senior Leadership Team, our board members, and advisors for various senior-level roles.

Who will I speak with during the recruitment process?

Throughout the interview process, you will hear from the Talent Partner, Hiring Manager for the position, and additional team members.

How does Qualio employ people?

As we have entities in the United States and Ireland, teammates will receive offers/contracts through our PEO Rippling. We work with Remote.com in order to hire talent in countries where we do not have a legal entity. Remote.com acts as our Employer of Record in those countries and manages employment agreements as well as payroll and benefits for teammates.

Why does Qualio fill some roles with consultants?

We seek to fill each role with the best person we can find. Because the labor and business laws are different in every country, it is sometimes easier to bring on talent on a contract basis, for this reason, some team members join us as independent consultants.

NOTE: Some jurisdictions and countries have limitations on the ability of independent consultants to perform work for companies located in foreign countries. These laws might limit some candidates from joining our team.

What does it mean to work as a consultant for Qualio?

Employees and consultants are treated with the same internal authority. They are also eligible for most company perks. The actual differences might vary depending on where a consultant is based but, in general, the most important differences tend to be taxes, pension/retirement, and healthcare. The full burden of these items are the responsibility of the consultant.

Why does it matter what time zone I’m in, if it’s a remote job?

Most roles at Qualio have a time zone requirement for reasons around teammate collaboration, customer support, etc. For example, our People Team roles are spread between US and European time zones as we need to have people consistently available to help our teammates across time zones. If you are not physically in the time zones advertised for a role please do not apply for the role. If you are unsure of which timezone the role is located in, please reach out to talent@qualio.com.

I’ve never worked remotely before. How does it work?

Working remotely is great if you are an organized individual who works well asynchronously. It’s important to note that working remotely is not for everyone. If you need the formal structure of an office and being physically surrounded by people then working with Qualio is probably not a good fit.

We work in ways that help to foster connections to our work, our colleagues, and customers (but in a virtual space). We use a number of online tools and services to foster collaboration, conduct meetings, share information and work on projects. You can work where you'd like as long as you have a strong, consistent internet connection and you're within the time zones associated with your work.

To increase collaboration we also require most team members to be online Monday-Friday between 3-5 PM Ireland/UK time.

If I join Qualio will I be required to travel?

Some travel may be expected but it is rarely required. We have 1-2 all company face-to-face offsites each year (when we aren’t in a pandemic). These are much more of a bonding and team-building environment than a business meeting setting. Although these are not required as we understand the timing might not work for you, we hope you will join!

We also encourage our smaller teams to meet 1-2 times a year for a few days of collaborative, face-to-face work. When these occur we encourage all of the people in that team to attend but we also understand the timing might not work for everyone, and that’s okay.

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