Interviewing at Qualio

We’ve outlined here a few best practices, advice and tips
for interviewing with us. We’re excited to meet you!


Best practices & tips

We’re 100% remote company meaning our interviews are also
remote, over video calls so we can get to know you “face-to-face”.
If you need to have a phone call instead, let us know beforehand.

Find connections between the job listing and your CV

First off, re-read your resume and the job description to help you draw lines between the two. Where do they connect? We want you to take every opportunity to set yourself up for success.


Look back at past work experiences

That may not sound like something you need to prepare for, but most of us have done more than we think and it’s easy to forget some of our own career wins, and the lessons we learned from our mistakes. Many of the questions we ask will be along the lines of “Tell me about a time when…” or “How would you approach this situation…?”


Focus on data

As you start to think about your career accomplishments and what you want to highlight in your interview, don’t forget to include data. This helps your interviewer understand not just your overall achievements, but your past contributions.


Come ready with questions

Come to the interview with questions. This not only shows your interest in Qualio and the position you’re applying for, but it’s also a testament to the research you’ve done by looking into our company. Besides, this is your opportunity to interview us as well.


Collect your thoughts

Ask for a minute to collect your thoughts if you need it — sometimes writing out your thoughts can help with clarity.


Prepare for the day of

OK, done — well, almost done. What about the day of? Here are a
few tips to take full advantage of the time.


Most of our interviews happen via video so take some time to prepare your space and get ready


Find a quiet space with good internet connection where you won’t be interrupted or disturbed.


We also suggest having a notebook and a pen with you (sometimes it’s easier to scribble than type).


Check your mic, your video, and your Wi-Fi, to make sure that everything is in working order.


If you need assistive technology or any other accommodation, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.


Be mindful of the time you have. Keep an eye on the clock — it’ll fly by — and spare some time for questions.


Now, this part is important — take a breathe! Seriously, people forget to breath sometimes!

We appreciate you taking the time to chat with us, and we want this to be a conversation that helps answer some of your questions too.
Good luck — but have fun too!

Still have questions?

If you wish to learn more about how we interview, visit our
frequently asked questions page.

We’re 100% remote company. Check out our open roles