Qualio dominates Medical QMS category of the G2 Winter Awards 2022

Qualio has continued to build our successful presence on the technology review platform G2 by placing first in 4 key areas in the Medical QMS category of G2's Winter Awards 2022.



Over 5 million software buyers visit G2.com each month to read authentic reviews about thousands of software products and professional services.

And over 1.5 million G2 reviews have been created by real software users across the globe, including Qualio customers.

G2's Winter Awards 2022 celebrates leading vendors across key software categories, including medical quality management, based upon the feedback their customers provide.

Qualio has been ranked 1st in 4 key areas of G2's Winter Awards 2022 Medical QMS category:


1. Momentum Grid


G2's Momentum ranking combines growth figures for employees, social/web presence and G2 reviews with customer satisfaction ratings to produce a Momentum Grid score.

Qualio combined a satisfaction score of 93 with a Momentum score of 74 to generate a winning Momentum Grid score of 81, easing past competitors Arena and Greenlight Guru.

G2 Winter Awards 2022 Momentum Grid


2. Implementation Index


The Implementation Index combines reviews of implementation speed, method, ease of setup, user adoption, and overall implementation satisfaction into an Implementation Index.

With our focus on rapid, high-quality setup, Qualio took the winning Implementation Index spot with a score of 8.56. 


G2 Winter Awards 2022 Implementation Index



3. Usability Index


Qualio is designed to make quality management easy, intuitive and automatic for our customers.

So it was rewarding to place first on G2's Usability Index with a score of 8.9

The Index is calculated by combining customer feedback on ease of use, ease of admin, user adoption, and how closely the product matches specific customer requirements.

G2 Winter Awards 2022 Usability Index


4. Results Index


None of this would matter if we didn't also deliver tangible positive results to our customer base.

Our winning score of 8.46 on G2's Results Index reflects our success in this area.

Based on customer reviews of likelihood to recommend, ease of working with the vendor, meeting requirements and delivering ROI, Qualio was ranked as the most impactful medical quality management software system.


G2 Winter Awards 2022 Results Index


Other accolades


Within these broader awards, Qualio was ranked as leader in a number of key user metrics, including:


G2 Winter Awards 2022 Best UsabilityG2 Winter Awards 2022 Most ImplementableG2 Winter Awards 2022 Best ROI


Qualio also continues to be ranked as the easiest-to-use medical QMS software on the market:


G2 software ease of use


Our success at the G2 Awards couldn't have been achieved without the honest testimony of our customers.

The entire Qualio team is grateful to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts about our software!


What to do next


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Alex Pavlović