The 5 Best Medtech Startups to Watch in 2021

Earlier this year, a record $5.5 billion in venture capital went to medtech companies.

As global biotech companies continue to innovate and bring significant medical developments to market, major investment firms are taking bets on a new generation of medtech startups.

What can your growing medtech business learn from these success stories?

Your business should look to replicate the growth path that these medtech companies have charted. With a keen eye on successful medtech organizations, your business may be able to follow a similar path.

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Let's look at the best medtech startups to keep an eye on in 2021. A careful analysis of the top medtech startups may give your team the inspiration needed to excel in the upcoming year.

Review of the 5 Best Medtech Startups to Watch in 2021

It probably goes without saying, but the very best medtech startups make significant investments in technology.

In most cases, quality management software is a major component of any successful medtech startup's technology stack.

Qualio offers quality management software for the entire life sciences ecosystem. With Qualio, teams can easily unite processes and data to bring products to market quickly and scale successfully, which is why many medtech companies rely on it every day.

Without further ado, here are five startups that are changing the game.

1. DOME Medical Technology

With more than 90 years of experience in medical device innovation, DOME's vision is rooted in simple device solutions for complex medical challenges.

The company has designed a revolutionary platform titled LapDome. This platform offers surgeons an additional 3.7 cm while penetrating the abdominal cavity by utilizing negative pressure suction from standard or suction systems to "lift" the skin and abdominal wall away from vital organs without using manual clamps. As a result, patients get "closed up" and discharged from the hospital quicker. In turn, the chances of acute infections are dramatically reduced.

DOME Medical Technology is currently developing four other devices.

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2. eHealth Technologies

Founded in 2006, eHealth Technologies is the leading provider of medical record retrieval and organization services and image-enabled Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). eHealth Technologies works with prominent HIEs and the nation's top-ranked hospitals, including 16 of the 20 US News & World Report Honor Roll Hospitals for 2018-2019.

Last year, eHealth Technologies introduced the eHealth Connect Image Exchange. This platform gives clinics, smaller hospitals, and imaging services providers the opportunity to share image studies with patient care teams. This technology makes it possible for small, local, and cloud-based PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems) to participate in eHealth Technologies' imaging network at no additional cost.

3. Leaseir Technologies

The Leaseir MHR Laser System is a diode hair removal device with three different interchangeable headpieces. This device is designed for intensive use that can deliver up to 40 J/cm² at 4 Hz in 30 ms for hours.

Additionally, Leaseir DS in portable form is the fastest and most powerful platform on the market, allowing for easy and fast transport. This device also reaches 40 J/cm² at 4 Hz and is compatible with both 810nm Single and Dual, 755nm and 1060nm handpieces.

4. Farcast Biosciences

For more than a decade, Farcast Biosciences has pioneered human tumor histoculture science through the consistent investment in learning and navigating the complex field of recreating near-native human Tumor immune MicroEnvironment (TiME) ex vivo. To date, more than 25 oncology companies have benefitted from working with Farcast Biosciences.

This platform minimizes sample processing by working with optimally sized fragments to create a live, near-native, heterogeneous tumor system for studying drug impact and predicting tumor and immune response.

5. Axem Neurotechnology

Axem Neurotechnology is on a mission to make neurotechnology accessible, and empower people to learn more about their brain.

To this end, Axem Home is being developed to support neurological rehabilitation where patients live. This technology enables healthcare providers to promote compliance, track progress, and make treatment recommendations or interventions.

Further, the Axem Home headset measures patients' cortical BOLD response to exercise performance. That way, providers can measure the effectiveness of rehabilitative training. This is especially valuable for stroke survivors.

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