Complete guide to computerized system compliance in 2023


Understand everything you need to know about modern computerized system adoption, from validation to vendor best practice.

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  • Understand the evolution from computerized system validation (CSV) to assurance (CSA), and what it means for your business

  • Access expert breakdown analysis of the GAMP 5 2nd Edition, the Enabling Innovation GPG, and more

  • Learn how to confidently adopt digital tools that strengthen your life science business and satisfy your auditors




What you'll get:


  • User-bgExpert guidance

We sat down with Sion Wyn, editor of GAMP 5 and advisor to the FDA, for his insight, tips and commentary on the world of modern computerized system compliance


  • Happy-bgValidation demystified

What does modern adoption of computer systems demand? What are regulators really looking for? Do you still need traditional documents like IQs, OQs and PQs? Answer these questions and more


  • Key-bgRoadmap to success

Learn the common errors that regulated businesses make with their adoption of computerized systems, and how to avoid them