How to Maintain and Improve Your Quality Management System While Working Remote

Actions to Progress Your Quality Activities While Working Remote

Quality teams at pharma, medtech, and biotech companies can maintain and even improve their QMS while working remotely (unless you are working with a paper system, that is). With more time on hand, they can focus on QA activities throughout the organization as other areas have slowed or completely halted.

Join Kelly Stanton and Ezra Kelderman as they provide some best practices they have learned managing QMS while working remotely for various organizations. Their combined experiences can help provide actionable actions to progress your quality activities in this unique working situation you may be dealing with for the first time.



Kelly Stanton
Director of Quality at Qualio with 20+ years in QA/RA



ezra-keldermanEzra Kelderman
Mechanical Engineer with QA/RA Director experience in medical device industry

Trusted by single founders working on breakthrough ideas to full quality assurance teams with multiple products in markets across the world.

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Let's explore what quality-driven looks like.