Agilis Consulting Group

Ohio, USA

Agilis Consulting Group, part of Kymanox, is a trusted human factors partner for the life sciences industry. The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and focuses on helping clients achieve successful human factors submissions. Agilis provides comprehensive services ranging from early-stage design evaluation to full product commercialization, aiming to enhance the safety and usability of medical devices. Their approach integrates proprietary human factors engineering (HFE) strategies to align product designs with regulatory requirements effectively.

Services offered include:

  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Evidence-Based Instructional Labeling and Training
  • Post Market Surveillance
  • Human Factors Regulatory Guidance
  • Consultation services across product development lifecycles

Regions served: 

  • Primarily the United States, with services extending globally due to their comprehensive approach to human factors in medical device development.

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