5280 Life Science Consulting, LLC

Colorado, USA



5280 Life Science Consulting, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses within the life sciences industry. Based in Denver, Colorado, they focus on helping organizations achieve peak performance through expertly crafted processes, technology implementation, and strategic business consulting. Their approach includes a blend of strategic planning, organizational design, and process optimization, driven by the ScalingMethod™️ which emphasizes clear vision, precise strategy, and streamlined processes as cornerstones of sustainable growth.

Services offered include:

  • Strategic business consulting
  • Training and education programs
  • People and staffing solutions
  • Technology consulting
  • Process and operational improvement using Lean Six Sigma methodologies
  • Project management and implementation services

Regions served: 

  • Primarily the United States, with a focus on the life sciences sector across various states

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