Service Level Agreement

Last updated December 9, 2022

Customer Support:

Qualio will provide helpdesk support to Customer to answer questions regarding the use of Services. Qualio will use commercially reasonable efforts to diagnose problems and to create error corrections, fixes or workarounds with respect to errors in the Services reported by Customer to Qualio; provided that (i) Customer must provide all information reasonably requested by Qualio, and (ii) Qualio is able to reproduce the reported error based on the information that Customer provides to Qualio. 

Support Hours & Contacts: Customer Support will be provided Monday to Friday across the following availability zones: 6 am - 5 pm PST, excluding US public holidays, and 8 am - 6 pm GMT (no exclusions on holidays) and 8:30 am - 4 pm AEST, excluding local public holidays. Qualio will provide Customer with details of all support and escalation contact methods during Customer onboarding.

Responding to Routine Support Requests: All support requests create a case ticket in the Qualio support system. The Qualio support team will assign a priority to the request depending on the nature of the request. The Qualio support team will contact Customer within 24 business hours to acknowledge support requests received. Customers will be notified about any ongoing delays resulting from high volume of support requests.

Backup and Recovery:

Qualio’s Backup and Recovery Policies are outlined in Qualio’s quality management system (ref. POL-14). Qualio ensures all data stored will be encrypted and will maintain multiple available copies. In addition, Qualio will perform regular backups (on at least a daily basis) of Customer Data, and provide routine and emergency recovery of Customer Data from its archives and test these recovery processes at least once per year. In the event of loss or corruption of Customer Data, Qualio will use commercially reasonable efforts to restore such Customer Data based on its most recent backup in accordance with Qualio’s disaster recovery process (ref. POL-42). 


Qualio will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Services available with a target uptime percentage of at least 99.9% during each month of the Subscription Term (“Service Commitment”). The Services will be deemed to be unavailable any time during which it is not possible to login to, access, or use the Services via the normal log-in screen through the Qualio website for the Services; provided, however, that lack of connectivity during Qualio’s reasonable, previously scheduled maintenance windows will not be counted as unavailability; and downtime resulting directly or indirectly from any SLA Exclusion is also excluded. For purposes of this SLA, “Actual Uptime Percentage” is any time during the applicable month of the Subscription Term that the Services are available, as aforesaid.

In the event the Service Commitment is not met in any month during the Subscription Term, Customer will be eligible to receive a service credit, as described in the table below (the “Service Credit”).  


% Availability – Actual Uptime Percentage
(per Month)

Service Credit
(% of Service monthly fee)

< 99.9% - ≥ 99.0%

10% credit

< 99.0% - ≥ 98.5%

15% credit

< 98.5% - ≥ 98.00%

20% credit

< 98.00% - ≥ 97.50%

25% credit

< 97.50% - ≥ 95.00%

40% credit

< 95.00%

50% credit


Qualio will apply any Service Credits against future payments otherwise due from Customer. For clarity, any downtime occurring prior to a successful Service Credit claim cannot be used for future Service Credit claims.

SLA Exclusions. The above availability commitment does not apply to any unavailability, suspension or termination of the Services, or any other Services performance issues: (i) caused by force majeure events or other factors outside of our reasonable control, including any internet access or related problems beyond the demarcation point of the Services; (ii) that result from any actions or inactions of Customer or Customer’s Users or any other third party (including our hosting services provider); (iii) that result from Customer’s equipment, software or other technology and/or third-party equipment, software or other technology (other than third party equipment within our direct control); or (iv) arising from our suspension and termination of Customer’s right to use the Services in accordance with the Agreement (each, an “SLA Exclusion”).

Response Times/Solutions. In the event that an error or issue is discovered that causes the Services to not operate substantially in conformance with the published documentation, Customer will notify Qualio in writing of the error with a reasonable description of the error or issue and the severity level based on the Severity Classification Table below. Qualio will respond to such notice and use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the error or issue within the time frames set forth in the Response Times/Solutions Table below. If the severity classification is unspecified by Customer, it will be set to Severity 3 (Low) until a clearer determination can be made.

Severity Classification Table.

Severity Level


Severity 1

Services are not available for use or functionality cannot be accessed and there is no workaround. 

Severity 2

Services are accessible but contain incorrect results or functionality flaws.

Severity 3

Services are accessible but contain minor flaws not covered in the Critical or High Service Levels. 


Response Times/Solutions Table.

Response Classification

Issue Acknowledgement

Initial Fix/Workaround Target

Permanent Solution

Severity 1

1 hour

Within 4 hours and will continue during the day until resolved

Deploy solution within next suitable maintenance window or as emergency maintenance.

Severity 2

2 business hours

Within 1 business day

Deploy solution within five (5) business days.

Severity 3

24 business hours

Within 3 business days

Deploy solution with next scheduled release.

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