The highest quality cannabis starts with the right quality management software

Develop cannabis-derived products with an eQMS purpose-built for companies in emerging markets. Qualio streamlines your quality control strategy so you can follow the latest regulatory recommendations.


eQMS for Cannabis companies


Cannabis companies are navigating the process of bringing new products to market in an ever-changing environment. Staying ahead in this competitive industry is challenging enough, but it’s even more difficult with uncertainty surrounding regulatory requirements and legal implications.


With Qualio, cannabis companies streamline their quality processes with seamless document management and traceability. With your whole team in one easy-to-use platform, you can focus on being prepared to condor to new regulations and realizing the full potential of your organization.

A quality solution that grows with your operation

  • Deliver quality with an all-in-one platform that scales as your business succeeds 
  • Manage suppliers, audits and change control across your entire business in real-time
  • Take advantage of templates and workflows you can use to pivot quickly

Quality management for cannabis made easy

  • Get up and running fast with straightforward onboarding for all your team members
  • Assign document, training and CAPA-related tasks to your team from a single dashboard
  • Collaborate and edit documents in the cloud with our simple web editor

Be prepared for evolving cannabis regulation

  • Ensure quality with a flexible platform that’s up-to-date with the latest recommendations
  • Generate detailed reporting on training, overdue and completed activities, audit trails, and change control
  • Access expert advice from our quality experts as legal and regulatory requirements change

Have quality and regulatory experts on your side

  • Save time and resources by utilizing our expert quality team.
  • Get up and running quickly and through validation in record time.
  • End-to-end concierge service from SOPs, gap assessments, to internal/supplier audits and more.

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What Quality Experts are Saying

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You can look at an SOP in Qualio, see the list of associated documents, and click hyperlinks to retrieve information immediately. That’s one feature I’m greatly enjoying.

Tyler C.

Executive Dir. of Quality at Linical Americas

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“The Validation documentation provided by Qualio was easy to understand and execute. I really like the in-app support chat function. It is easy to get in touch with the Qualio team with questions or concerns and the team responds quickly."

Soni M.

Director QA/RA at NovoSource

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My favorite thing is how Qualio keeps us in a constant state of audit readiness. We chose Qualio as we needed our system to be scalable to support our rapid growth and facilitate quick employee onboarding.

Deb Glancy

Director of Quality

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Qualio enabled us to seamlessly work through the ISO 13485:2016 requirements and design errors out of our quality management system. One way Qualio achieves this is to ensure that changes flow through our system and are applied globally.


David Hughes

CEO at Surfatek

left-quote Created with Sketch.

Qualio has been super helpful to us feeling like we have all the pieces in place for quality management an FDA standard.


Jen Baird

CEO at Fiftheye

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We evaluated all players on the market ... and came up with Qualio as the best balance of price, capability, and quality of support. Really like the change event management, API flexibility, training tracking, and customer success support.


Jeffrey B.

CFO at Fiftheye

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