May 14, 2020 Robert Fenton

5 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality Management Trends

Recently, studies have predicted that the value of the pharmaceutical industry will increase to $1.5 trillion by 2023. In anticipation of this unprecedented growth, many life science companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers have made serious investments in the latest and greatest manufacturing trends.

The modernization of pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality management processes has given industry-leading developers the momentum needed to achieve significant growth. So which pharmaceutical manufacturing trends should your life sciences company consider adopting? Let's take a look.

5 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality Management Trends Your Organization Should Invest In

For a glimpse into where pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality management is headed in the coming years, we've built a one-stop resource of industry insights.

These are the most promising pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality management trends you need to know about this year.

1. Personalized Medicine

According to recent studies, the global genomics market is expected to reach $22.1 billion by 2020, with a 10.3% compounding annual growth rate from 2014–2020. Genomics plays an important role in properly diagnosing diseases and developing personalized medicine regiments.

This year, more pharmaceutical manufacturers will work hand-in-hand with physicians to develop a hyper-personalized approach to medicine. This shift in manufacturing will inevitably lead to smaller production runs, forcing manufacturers to develop an agile approach to development.

Additionally, manufacturers will prioritize smaller, specialized facilities to handle small batches.

2. Digitization of Paper Processes

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers will look to digitize paper processes this year.

When it comes to regulatory compliance, replacing paper-based processes with digital ones allows manufacturers helps eliminate data loss and streamline operational efficiency. For many industry-leading manufacturers, Qualio is the ideal quality management solution partner.

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3. Artificial Intelligence

An increasing number of pharmaceutical manufacturers will utilize powerful artificial intelligence capabilities to enhance research and development in the creation of new drugs.

Additionally, artificial intelligence will improve production processes by increasing quality control, reducing human intervention, and eliminating waste. New call-to-action

4. Increased Focus on Quality Management

This year, pharmaceutical manufacturers will focus more intently on delivering quality during every stage of product development. Additional requirements instituted by the European Union now require manufacturers, authorized representatives, importers, and distributors of medical devices to comply with new regulatory affairs.

In light of the disruption caused by COVID-19, the European Parliament voted to delay the date of application to Class 1 devices covered under Article 120(3).

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5. Automation

Finally, automation is another promising pharmaceutical manufacturing trend that organizations will pursue this year. In fact, according to recent studies, robots will soon handle 34% of pharmaceutical packing operations in North America.

Moreover, an increasing number of manufacturers are using robotics to assist with drug development, including screening, anti-counterfeiting, and various manufacturing processes.

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Published by Robert Fenton May 14, 2020