The Top 3 Pharmaceutical Venture Capital Firms

    What are the best investment opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry this year?

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    In response to COVID-19 and the rapid development of vaccines, investment bankers are doubling down on their pharmaceutical-related investments.

    If you’re planning on developing a pharmaceutical product in the coming months, be sure to take stock of the top pharmaceutical investment bankers in your industry. Ask yourself this question: What products or services do they typically invest in? 

    To increase your chances of securing venture capital investment, tailor your product to align with investors’ unique portfolios. Above all, look for opportunities to differentiate your pharmaceutical startup or scale-up from the rest of the pack. What is your unique value proposition? Why is your product or service worth investing in right now? 

    Find the perfect match for your growing business with our review of the top pharmaceutical venture capital firms.

    Review of the 3 Best Pharmaceutical Venture Capital Firms

    According to recent reports, the global pharmaceutical manufacturing industry was valued at more than $324 billion in 2019. This figure is expected to rise by nearly 14 percent by 2027. 

    Today, investors are prioritizing startups and scale-ups that integrate data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to create next-generation products. 

    When you consider the total size of the market, it’s not hard to understand why investors see pharmaceutical products as desirable, long-term investment opportunities.

    By partnering with industry-leading investment firms, you’ll get the cash flow and expertise needed to successfully scale your product or service. So, which pharmaceutical venture capital firm should your startup or scale-up partner with during your next funding round? 

    With all this in mind, here is a list of three of the best pharmaceutical venture capital firms pharma startups should consider partnering with.

    1. Storm Ventures

    Storm Ventures is based in Silicon Valley and focuses exclusively on supporting B2B organizations that have unlocked product-market fit. Last year, Qualio received an $11 million Series A funding round backed by Storm Ventures.

    “Innovations in science, manufacturing, and technology have led to the development of millions of products that we use every day. A critical factor in managing the lifecycle of such products is quality management,” says Arun Penmestsa, Partner at Storm Ventures. “Qualio addresses the challenges facing all life sciences companies by providing a comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-use but also rigorous system to help create, deploy, and manage products in a compliant and safe manner.” 

    Storm Ventures currently supports more than 180 startups and scale-ups. To date, the investment firm has published two industry-leading books, including The Company Journey and Change or Be Changed. In partnership with Winning by Design, teams have access to a proven process designed to help them achieve rapid go-to-market success.

    2. Sorenson Ventures

    Sorenson Ventures is an investment firm that supports software, security, and healthcare-related businesses. They specialize in venture and growth capital investment opportunities and have partnered with some of the world’s leading enterprises, including Cradlepoint, Fastly, and Couchbase. To date, Sorenson actively manages more than $110 million in capital investments. 

    “Three core values drive everything we do,” explains Luke Sorenson, Managing Partner. “First, we focus on helping, regardless of whether there is a transaction on the other side of our efforts. We are confident that taking a service mindset makes good things happen. Second, we are data-driven. We invest in entrepreneurs that are uniquely positioned to lead their organizations, then support them with our data expertise to optimize their decision making.”

    Note: Sorenson Ventures was a participating firm in Qualio’s $11 million Series A funding round last year.

    3. Operator Partners 

    Operator Partners provides guidance, support, and funding to technology companies across pre-seed, seed, and Series A stages. Operator Partners relies solely on their own capital, working quickly and efficiently to help startup founders achieve rapid growth.

    The firm also provides a comprehensive framework for building security and compliance programs through the identification of and investment in high-value vendors. The team will even serve as a strategic partner during board negotiations, investor updates, and more.

    Operator Partners supports a diverse portfolio of startups, including Memora Health, Mendaera, and Relief.

    Note: Operator Partners was a participating firm in Qualio’s $11 million Series A funding round last year.

    Secure a Quality Management Partner in Qualio

    Working with a world-class pharmaceutical investment firm ensures that your company’s financial future is well taken care of. Partnering with any of the industry-leading firms on our list will position you and your growing pharmaceutical startup or scale-up for rapid and sustained growth. 

    Scaling successfully starts with your quality management process. Are current quality management processes and systems preventing you from getting to the next level.

    Qualio is the first cloud-based quality management system purpose-built for growing medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech organizations. We’ve helped thousands of life sciences founders bring their products to market. And we can do the same for you!

    To help you master quality assurance and management, we’ve created a free guide: The Perfect Quality Assurance Plan for Pharmaceutical Companies

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