How to maintain and improve your quality management system while working remotely

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  • Learn how to manage, control and optimize your QMS activities from anywhere

  • Access best practice and ideas from quality professionals with years of remote experience

  • Get actionable takeaways to build a remote QMS suitable for a post-COVID world


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What you'll learn

  1. Remote quality management blueprint
    Qualio's Kelly Stanton and Ezra Kelderman have ten years' collective experience of managing quality in remote environments. Hear their tips and best practice suggestions

  2. Build and continuously improve
    Quality teams at pharma, medical device and biotech companies can build, maintain and even improve their QMS while working remotely. Understand the steps your business should take for a digital remote QMS that transcends offices and labs

  3. Lessons for the future
    COVID-19 forced a step change in quality management, from scattered teams to remote auditors. Prepare your business for the next 10 years