Consumers & quality sentiment report


We asked 2,002 Americans how life science quality issues affected their brand perception and buying decisions. Here's what they said.

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Download our consumers and quality sentiment report to:

  • Access the findings of our comprehensive public survey of 2,002 American household decision-makers

  • Learn how life science quality events like recalls, warning letters and market pauses affect public sentiment and brand perception

  • Dive into how modern consumers attune to life science quality - and what they want more of from life science companies
What you'll get:
  • Documentation and recordsSurvey result analysis
How do American household decision-makers use quality to choose treatments and purchase healthcare products? How does your QMS affect public perception of your brand? Find out with our comprehensive survey breakdown report.
  • TrainingPublic sentiment snapshot

Learn what quality really means to your end patients, and how to align your life science business with the preferences, desires and purchasing behaviors of the modern consumer
  • Purchasing controls and materialsTips and recommendations

Access a library of helpful resources to respond to our survey findings