Quality Management Fundamentals in Aerospace and Life Sciences


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Cables are everywhere, quite literally. Quality management for a cable testing company can be challenging, especially with continuous audits from partners, but Gene Vought makes it look easy.

Gene is a quality manager at Cirris and has been with the company for over 25 years. Cirris designs manufacturers, worldwide sales, service, and technical support for cable testing equipment for manufacturers of cable assemblies, wire harnesses, custom fixtures, and other interconnection products.

Ambition and a desire to serve customers have placed cable testers in the hands of thousands of customers on every continent, even including Antarctica. People all over the world rely on Cirris when they test cables that helped drive cars, heal patients, defend soldiers and even launched satellites into space.

Gene has an impressive track record and background, and we're really excited to have the opportunity to speak with him today. I think you'll really enjoy this episode because we talk about his experience in the aerospace industry, his experienced at Cirris and the life sciences industry and his role as a quality manager and how important that is to the success of the company.

Also kind of fun to discuss the music he produced outside of work. Hope you enjoy.

Show notes:

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