European Health Tech Innovation Week 2022

Dive into the latest innovations in the healthcare industry and meet the next generation of future health-tech leaders.

Rehabilitation and Robotics

  • Innovation in robotics and technology in rehabilitation provide considerable opportunities to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from physical, mental and/or cognitive damage.
  • And the outcomes of using robotic technology for physical and occupational therapy are long lasting and more beneficial than conventional therapy alone.
  • Attend this conference to hear about leading research and see world-class case studies of the latest advances in new rehabilitation and robotics in healthcare.

Telecoms in healthcare

  • How telecoms can play beyond connectivity in healthcare
  • Scaling digital health through partnerships with telecom giants
  • How telecoms in Healthcare will enable or build connectivity
  • What is 5G technology and when is ready for the various potential use cases?
  • What are the key challenges that 5G technology and advanced connectivity might help to solve?  

Digital Therapeutics (DTX)

  • Join us and learn how DTx companies grow, explore pharma/DTx partnerships, evaluate effective business models, address reimbursement, and discuss the growing landscape of digital clinical trial solutions for efficient DTx clinical trial support.

Future of Surgery

  • Driving surgical teams forwards in their continued pursuit of improvement and improved patient outcomes, we considered the raft of ways in which the culture of change in surgery is evolving
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