Aug 18, 2020 Robert Fenton

Review of the 5 Best Life Science Venture Capital Firms

A record $5.5 billion in venture capital went to biotech companies in Q1 2020. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts indicate that acquiring venture capital will become increasingly difficult in the coming months.

If you're in the hunt for funding, you need to prioritize the life science venture capital firms that align with your organization's unique mission and fundraising goals. Additionally, over the years, many firms have come and gone. It's important to know which firms can deliver sustained results for your growing organization.

The 5 Best Life Science Venture Capital Firms

So, which life science venture capital firms should your organization prioritize for its next funding round? Medical device venture capital firms provide the necessary cash flow, expertise, and resources needed to bring products to market.

With that in mind, here are the five best life science venture capital firms.

1. Domain Associates

Founded in 1985, Domain Associates was one of the first venture capital firms to invest exclusively in life science organizations. Today, Domain Associates has been involved in the formation of more than 260 life science organizations with more than $2.8 billion in capital raised.

Portfolio: Adastra Pharmaceuticals, ChromaCode, Fractyl, Smart Medical Systems...

2. HealthCare Venture

With more than 30 years of experience in life science investing, HealthCare Ventures is a leading life science venture capital firm focusing exclusively on pre-clinical or early clinical companies. To date, the company has supported 107 companies with $1.6 billion in capital raised.

Portfolio: Anchor Therapeutics, Promedior, Radius, Trevena, Vaxxas...

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3. Polaris Partners

Polaris Partners serves as a collaborative investment partner to founder-owned, tech-enabled services with $5 - $25 million in revenue. Polaris Partners' portfolio consists of technology businesses that have profitable growth.

Portfolio: Strata Health Solutions, Amagma Therapeutics, Mellitus...

4. Flagship Pioneering

Founded in 2000, Flagship Pioneering has fostered the development of 100 science-based companies, resulting in more than $30 billion in value, thousands of patents, and more than 50 clinical development programs. To date, Flagship Pioneering has financed its portfolio with $1.5 billion in capital.

Portfolio: Axcella Health, Cellarity, Kaleido Biosciences, Moderna...

5. Alta Partners

With 25 years of experience, Alta Partners has helped to produce over 70 FDA approved products. Alta Partners has raised $2.3 billion across 10 funds and assisted in 118 mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs. Additionally, the organization has created more than $36 billion in value with partners.

Portfolio: Allakos, Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, Esperion, Neothetics...

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Published by Robert Fenton August 18, 2020