Customer Panel: Preparing for and Passing an Audit With Qualio

    For life sciences organizations, preparing for and passing internal and external audits are required yet daunting tasks. While there is no one way to approach an audit, Qualio has developed easy-to-deploy processes that our customers and our own team have used to pass both internal and external audits with no findings.

    In our webinar panel, you’ll hear from leading Quality experts at Qualio, Aytu BioPharma, and Cirris to gain an understanding of the best ways to approach and pass an audit using our purpose-built eQMS.

    Join our panel to learn:

    • How to prepare for and conduct a thorough internal audit in advance of your external audit
    • Ways to communicate with your auditor before, during, and after your audit
    • How Qualio used its own eQMS to pass its ISO 9001 audit with zero errors 
    • Strategies employed by Qualio users for their own audits

    Watch recording here.


    Kelly Stanton

    Director of Quality, Qualio

    With 20+ years of experience, Kelly Stanton leads Qualio’s in-house Qualio team and spearheads our Qualio+ offering. Kelly has worked with Quality teams at Abbott, Sandoz, Cochlear, and more.

    She is formerly a Quality Systems Manager and Validation Engineer in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotech industries as well as clinical and pre-clinical quality assurance.

    Read more about Kelly on her LinkedIn.

    Meg Sinclair

    Senior Quality Specialist, Qualio

    Meg has 10+ years as a Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, and Compliance professional with a range of cross-functional skills and experience spanning nonprofits to startups. 

    Meg helps companies adapt to and master new and complex subject material with organization and attention to detail. 

    Read more about Meg on LinkedIn.



    Gene Vought

    Quality Control Manager, Cirris

    Gene has been with Cirris for over 25 years and in the Quality space for over 10 years. Gene has helped Cirris get ISO 9001 certified and the AS9100 certification. Gene has a variety of experience from sales, engineering, manufacturing, product, military, and aerospace. 

    Suzane Kennedy

    Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, Aytu BioPharma

    Susie is a Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Regulatory and Quality professional with over 20 years of experience in the United States and Internationally, Complaint Handling, Information Technology, Technical Writing, Manufacturing and Management. Solid background in Continuous Improvement, such as lean manufacturing and 5S.